Move from reactive to proactive market research by spotting emerging trends and consumer preference shifts. Leverage data to inform your brand’s unique strategy.

Capitalize on new trends.

Staying relevant and up-to-date is a challenge for many brands. Synthesio helps companies enact strategies to better position themselves to serve a constantly shifting customer base.

  • Analyze emerging trends and uncover what drivers are behind them and decide whether or not to act
  • Identify statistically relevant shifts in consumer conversations and track ongoing discussion
  • Understand the bigger picture and contextualize key business decisions within the scope of the competitive landscape

Pinpoint the needs of your target audience.

The interests of your audience are constantly shifting. Get data-verified intel about the effectiveness of your campaigns and know where to focus efforts next.

  • Uncover which aspects of your business that consumers care the most about
  • Craft impactful product messaging and product design tailored to individual voices that stand out in the conversation
  • Validate your product development and marketing strategies with measurable metrics and KPIs

Identify what’s working for your competitors.

Keeping tabs on industry competitors has never been simpler. Evaluate the strategies of your competitor by:

  • Monitoring competitor methods and evaluating effectiveness in real-time
  • Surfacing the top posts and platforms where your competitors may be outperforming your brand
  • Identifying impactful keywords and images by using AI-powered technology

Reveal the power of an informed brand strategy.

Looking for more proof that market research should be a part of your strategy?

  • Download our Market Research Use Case Story to follow the story of a global beverage brand who wanted to better cater to their customer’s preferences
  • Discover how the brand was able use new insights that surfaced from social listening dashboards to come up with an informed product development plan
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