Retailers of All Types Leverage Synthesio’s Social Listening & Retail Analytics Software to Explore Consumer Data

Retail’s evolution since the turn of the century has left long-standing brick-and-mortar institutions in the dust and transformed the consumer economy into a 24/7 customer experience. In a landscape that changes at hyperspeed, retailers need to intelligently optimize business processes based on the data they collect about their customers from both digital and real-world checkout lines. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite empowers teams across the retail spectrum with customer data from every social network, and consumer reviews from thousands of leading global e-commerce sites. With retail analytics software powered by data-rich dashboards, retail stakeholders can learn more about their target buyers to provide them with immersive customer experiences while wisely managing purchasing and inventory.

Social Listening for Brick & Mortar

Brick and mortar businesses find themselves in a precarious position fighting off advances from e-commerce giants and the rapidly expanding big-box retail universe. Synthesio drives brand monitoring programs for retailers, empowering executives with a platform that can track omnichannel marketing campaigns, gauge brand health, alert for crises, and surface insights on the trends driving consideration.

  • Track consumer reviews from top e-commerce retailers to see what products are resonating with online communities before investing budget on untested inventory.
  • Measure the ROI of in-store campaigns and promotions by capturing the posts, images, and videos that attendees share in quantitative dashboards with clearly defined KPIs.
  • Monitor stores with simply structured subtopic dashboards that provide a granular breakdown of local establishments as well as a high-level overview of the brand’s social reputation.

Social Listening for Ecommerce

E-retailers must react quickly to consumers’ buying habits in a competitive marketplace. Brand loyalty is equally as important as attracting customers. Social media allows vendors to understand what influences each purchase decision while reaching new buyers with content that resonates. Retailers leverage insights they glean from social listening & retail analytics software to adapt to the wants and needs of their customers.

  • Gauge the success of online campaigns by tracking interaction and engagement metrics from every social network.
  • Profile the competition to uncover audience insights to uncover opportunities to win new customers with content and offers that resonate.
  • Collect feedback on site enhancements, product launches, or limited-time offers – and respond immediately to your engaged community with our SaaS customer care integrations.

Social Listening for Apparel & Accessories

Apparel and accessory retailers face an uphill battle to maintain relevance in a landscape that is consolidating power in the hands of superstores and discount chains. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite drives social listening initiatives for retailers around the world — empowering teams with insights that influence the entire customer lifecycle from initial consideration through the post-purchase selfie.

  • Surface the trends driving viral sharing across social networks and set your purchasing strategy based on what your target consumers ‘must have.’
  • Identify influencers driving conversations in your space and build segmented panels to track the success that different groups have in amplifying content about your brand.
  • Compare owned media and earned media performance within a single dashboard to measure the efficacy of your financial investments versus naturally organic brand lift.