Enterprises Use Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to Drive Success

The media and entertainment industry needs sophisticated tools to monitor conversations from social media and rely on the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite for extensive audience insights and granular social listening. Our Social Listening Platform includes extensive features including automated alerting.

Social Listening for Media

The media industry receives constant attention both online and offline. The success of publications depends heavily on consumer’s preferences in media and how they prefer to consume it. Synthesio provides companies in the media industry with the data they need to monitor their brand’s reputation, consumer’s top affinities, and measure Social Reputation Score (SRS) against competitors.

  • Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite assists publishing companies with trend tracking dashboards focused on their industry and consumers.
  • Real-time alerts help media companies track leading crisis indicators. Set up tailored alerts to get notified in real-time.
  • Optimize your efforts and understand your ROI by measuring your media company’s impact and success.

Social Listening for Entertainment

Social media and the entertainment industry go hand-in-hand. Online users are sharing opinions, content, and using social media to stay connected. Synthesio enables companies in the entertainment industry with extensive data and insights to manage sentiment and adapt to consumers’ needs.

  • It’s no secret that streaming services are dominating movie theater companies. Profiler, Synthesio’s audience insights tool, helps theaters by pulling insights and data to help boost company strategies and campaigns.
  • Synthesio empowers record labels across the entertainment industry with the ability to track mentions and alerts for their musical groups and artists.
  • Arenas and event companies leverage Synthesio’s social media command center, Beam, to monitor and display real-time online conversations while hosting events.

Social Listening for Sports

Sports teams, players, and agents are all using social media to curate a well-supported brand image. Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite provides executives and agents with the data they need to monitor their players and sports fans across the globe.

  • Sports sponsors leverage Synthesio’s social listening platform to measure ROI for their campaigns.
  • Synthesio’s influencer tracking technology lets marketing teams monitor the reputation of sports brands and the industry holistically.
  • Benchmark customer satisfaction in the sports industry by leveraging Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score.