The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite powers the decision making that drives success in the energy sector.

Whether your brand is focused on traditional or renewable power sources, your energy enterprise is under constant scrutiny on both mainstream and social media. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides global teams with the tools they need to measure and analyze online conversations about their brands, their industry as a whole, and the entire ecosystem of businesses that make up the energy sector.

Oil and Gas Industry Analysis

Oil and gas corporations must be prepared to manage crises that result from trending world events while at the same time responding to customer experience needs from both B2B and B2C consumers. Synthesio can provide oil and gas industry analysis gathered from thousands of industry-specific long-tail data sources to help oil and gas companies protect their brand reputation and fulfill customer expectations.

  • Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score empowers oil and gas brands with a quantifiable way of benchmarking customer satisfaction in an industry under constant scrutiny
  • Synthesio’s Insight Tree surfaces trending stories in from massive amounts of data to keep energy brands ahead of innovations that could have a transformative impact on the space
  • Synthesio’s real-time alerting and reporting capabilities let companies in the oil and gas sector remain ahead of crises triggered by environmental disasters or organizational shake-ups

Social Listening for Electric & Utilities

Enterprise electric and utility brands use the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to monitor customer experience messaging, competitive threats, and industry news in order to stay ahead of any issues that could negatively impact their bottom lines. Synthesio seamlessly integrates organic social mentions into customer care technology, so no brand mention goes unanswered.

  • Synthesio is one of the few energy data analytics companies that allows electric and utility brands to monitor the entire landscape of customers that impact their business processes
  • B2C utilities leverage Synthesio’s integration partners for real-time access to consumers so they can take action on organic posts that don’t appear in their official owned channels
  • Synthesio’s long-tail data sourcing keeps electric and utility companies informed about all of the granular qualitative conversations, so they can stay on top of trends or threats

Social Listening for Renewable Energy

For energy data analytics, companies across the clean power spectrum leverage insights from the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to rapidly adapt to a competitive landscape. Energy data analytics companies like Synthesio provide stakeholders with quantitative and qualitative analysis of the industry trends that are shaping a greener future — and the influencers on the front lines calling for change.

  • Synthesio social listening dashboards surface the key influencers and media outlets driving conversations about renewable energy across the web
  • Data visualization widgets empower stakeholders with the ability to quantitatively measure the overall reach and impact of sensitive topics, viral posts, and influential authors
  • Synthesio’s audience insights technology automatically creates potential target audiences so renewable energy brands can engage customers with content that resonates