Topic Modeling by Synthesio

Your consumers move fast. Start getting ahead with advanced trend analysis through AI-powered theme detection.


Topic Modeling scans and categorizes millions of conversations, detecting consumer-defined themes, uncovering unknown or hidden phenomena, making your trend analysis easier.

It’s Hard Keeping Up

Let’s face it. Societies, markets, and people move faster than most businesses can keep pace. We feel lost more than we’d like to admit.


A New Way of Operating in Today’s World

A bottom-up discovery engine, Topic Modeling eliminates human bias and sparks consumer-centric breakthroughs by letting the data lead the way.

Inspired by Ipsos’ Methodology, Powered by Synthesio to make your trend analysis easier.

How does it work?


Map the landscape, find the unknowns

Survival means moving beyond your current knowledge. Topic Modeling removes bias by categorizing and naming themes for you, thus analyzing trends and surfacing opportunities you may not have considered.

Topic Modeling Best Practice Guide

Understand your consumers’ ground truth

By grouping semantically similar conversations, you’ll find in-context and high-quality insights about your consumers ever-changing motivations, preferences, and behaviors.

Topic modeling best practice guide

The Most Complete, Accurate & Predictive Picture of Your Consumers


Trend Analysis: Move first on the cultural & category trends reshaping your business

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Innovation Insights: Identify growth opportunities by surfacing consumer hacks and unmet needs

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Brand Intelligence: Go beyond defined attributes, uncover authentic moments, distinctive associations, and potential future differentiators.

Ready to get ahead of your ever-changing consumers?

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