Get an unsolicited and real-time view of customer sentiment to help you power better products, strategies, campaigns, and consumer relationships.

Know where your brand stands

Understand your brand’s positioning by analyzing customer sentiment.

  • Compare how critical audiences feel about your top competitor’s brand initiatives
  • Know how your products, features, and customer service are received and reviewed
  • Uncover the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and brand messaging

Never miss shifts in sentiment

Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions to monitor situations in real-time. Using Synthesio’s command center, Beam, you can:

  • Track your brands standing across the world effortlessly
  • Visualize the progress of your crisis management campaign as it unfolds with your audience
  • Understand the development of sentiment around your crisis management plan and adjust strategies in messaging and platform placement

Conduct post-crisis event analyses

Get to the core of the information you need to know quickly with fewer clicks.

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your crisis management activities by measuring customer response and sentiment
  • Understand your brand health among any audience at any time using proprietary metrics such as the Social Reputation Score (SRS)
  • Surface the social platforms on which your crisis management activities generated the most engagement and awareness

See sentiment analysis in action

Looking for more information about how your brand can leverage powerful sentiment analysis?

  • Download our Consumer Sentiment Use Case Story to follow a global CPG brand’s journey to create a more sustainable product
  • Understand how truly listening to your customers makes a difference in brand reputation
  • Discover how moving toward eco-friendly packaging and supporting environmental rehabilitation efforts boosted positive sentiment
Download Use Case Story