Travel and Tourism Companies Use Synthesio to Make Strategic Business Decisions

Travel, tourism, and hospitality are constantly being talked about across social channels. From a good review of a hotel to complaints about the subway, people turn to social media to make their voices heard.

Social Listening for Travel & Transportation

From subways being unreliable, to people ranting about a delayed flight, the transportation industry has a lot to monitor. Travel companies can leverage social listening to interpret data and sentiment online.

  • Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite assists publishing companies with trend tracking dashboards focused on their industry and consumers.
  • Monitor sentiment and learn what your airline passengers prefer for their in-flight entertainment.
  • See how your rental car company ranks against competitors, and within the industry.

Social Listening for Tourism

Thinking about what to bring on your vacation, or are you having someone plan it for you? The tourism industry is filled with people planning their own trips which makes it tough for tourism service providers to find new customers. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides these companies with data to go after the right customers and create a more personalized experience.

  • Increase market share by using Synthesio Profiler, our audience insights tool, to learn about the personas of competitors and how to build campaigns to reach them more effectively.
  • Tourism companies act as a community for people planning vacations. Synthesio captures what people are saying in these forums and communities, to help agents setup popular itineraries.
  • Use social listening data to help tour operators get to know their customers and the best ways to reach them.

Social Listening for Hospitality

It doesn’t matter if someone’s at a hotel, motel, or timeshare. If they have something positive or negative to say, they will. The hospitality sector is vast, and the competition is fierce.

  • Hotels can use social listening to monitor sentiment and track customer complaints.
  • Online reviews play a significant role in where people decide to dine. Restaurants can monitor online reviews and leverage them to address issues and build customer loyalty.
  • Event providers can use Synthesio’s unique Social Reputation Score (SRS) to see where they stand in comparison to other providers.