Supercharge your brand intelligence by monitoring consumer opinions in real-time that foster better products, service, and customer relationships.

Benchmark your brand‘s current strengths and weaknesses.

Understand your brand’s overall performance by analyzing key metrics using advanced social listening software.

  • Evaluate the success of online messaging, branding, and design efforts
  • Detect the sentiment of consumer conversations related to your brand or industry
  • Uncover engagement, performance, and brand awareness KPI’s on social media profiles

Identify the partnerships or trends that positively impact your brand.

After learning the areas where you may be under-performing, optimize your brand intelligence by repositioning messaging and product updates.

  • Pinpoint the trends or influencers that your audience will trust
  • Discover the platforms and websites that you should focus your ad budget on
  • Time your campaign strategy for your unique audience when engagement is highest

Evaluate your brand’s performance over time.

Synthesio makes brand intelligence monitoring simple by:

  • Immediately alerting you of spikes in negative sentiment and potential crises
  • Surfacing the best performing campaigns and posts from competitors, providing a holistic view of the market landscape
  • Uncovering patterns, keywords, or trends that are positively associated with your brand

See brand intelligence initiatives in action.

Looking for more proof to take the next step in brand monitoring capabilities?

  • Download our use case story which tells the story of a high-profile banking client looking to understand their competitors and revamp their social media strategy
  • See the ROI that focusing on what your customers care about can have for your brand
  • Follow a brand’s journey to optimize content and products
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