Synthesio Powers Audience Insights behind Omnichannel CPG Marketing Initiatives

Whether your brand is focused on the personal care or food and beverage market, your customers are talking about your products across social and mainstream media. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides multi-disciplinary teams at Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands with the tools they need to monitor consumer reviews and sentiment around products, ingredients, recalls, and regulations.

Social Listening for Food & Beverage

Food and beverage brands face challenges around the globe from changing audience tastes and perceptions about ingredients and processes used in production. Synthesio’s vast data pool is the industry standard among all CPG analytics companies, which ensures that you won’t miss a mention from a source that can cause a crisis for your brand.

  • Synthesio’s alerting infrastructure monitors the volume and sentiment of posts containing your brand keywords and delivers communication to stakeholders in real-time metrics
  • Image recognition technology lets you capture visual mentions of your logo in public photos and videos to measure feedback from product launches and sponsorships
  • Synthesio’s audience insights tool analyzes target audiences to produce demographic and geographic insights that allow you to intelligently test new products

Social Listening for Personal Care

CPG companies across the personal care space leverage insights they glean from the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to rapidly adapt to the new influencer-driven e-commerce landscape. Synthesio empowers consumer goods stakeholders with quantitative measurement and qualitative analysis of who are impacting their brand reputation and bottom-line sales.

  • Social Reputation Score (SRS), Synthesio’s proprietary brand health metric, provides CPG brands with a reliable way to benchmark their online reputation against the competition
  • Synthesio sources consumer reviews from thousands of the world’s top e-commerce sites and visualizes them within an intuitive, easily-filterable dashboard of mentions and KPI-driven widgets
  • Synthesio captures engagement data from social media to give consumer packaged goods brands a more accurate measure of their social media success

Social Listening for Wine & Spirits

Spirits brands use the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to stay ahead of industry trends by harvesting audience insights from the messaging that consumers post every day across social networks. Synthesio’s network of social listening, profiling, and reporting capabilities empowers wise decision making from campaign planning, through creative delivery, and finally to success metrics.

  • Synthesio stands above other CPG analytics companies because of our ability to deliver robust marketing personas based on customized audiences.
  • Synthesio’s social listening platform lets you monitor and analyze user-generated content across high-level categories or specific brands to track what’s causing the most buzz
  • Brands can finally measure online/offline campaign success based on the activity each initiative creates on social networks, and display it with Synthesio’s social media command center