Executives need to be prepared in the chaotic world of social media in healthcare.

For every success story, there are thousands of medicines that fail to find a consumer base. That’s why it’s more important than ever for healthcare companies to base their strategic solutions on the massive amounts of consumer data generated every day on both social and mainstream media. Synthesio’s Social Listening Suite empowers teams across healthcare corporations with the data they need to make data-backed decisions.

Social Listening for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Social media in healthcare — and pharmaceuticals — have a history of mixing like oil and water. Strict regulations for marketing in the industry. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides teams with pharma and biotech concerns with robust, transportable data about the doctors and patients that make up the target audiences for their products.

  • The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite empowers pharma & biotech companies with granular dashboards which track critical global KPIs.
  • Synthesio’s audience insights tool provide pharma marketers with the information they need to choose the right promotion opportunities for their products.
  • Synthesio’s suite of tools arms pharma manufacturing marketers with locally targeted personas filled with consumer interests, demographics, and affinities.

Social Listening for Health Insurance

Health insurance companies operate in a high-pressure regulatory environment and need to distribute large quantities of information throughout the organization quickly and efficiently.

  • Health insurance brands leverage Synthesio to take action on every brand mention tagged with negative sentiment.
  • Synthesio’s real-time alert reports provide up-to-the-minute tracking of the leading indicators of a social media in healthcare crisis — so teams across the enterprise can remain aware of global issues.
  • The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides stakeholders with trend tracking dashboards and finding the leading voices on both social and mainstream media.

Social Listening for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are under a constant microscope on both mainstream media and social media in healthcare. They must be prepared to manage scrutiny from regulations while concurrently preparing for crisis response to events beyond their control. Synthesio’s software provides healthcare marketing teams with the qualitative data they need to measure social and mainstream media’s impact on their facilities.

  • Synthesio’s social listening platform monitors keywords associated with the entire industry, to provide healthcare facilities with real-time access to social conversations.
  • Synthesio’s influencer tracking technology lets marketing teams create panels of the channels that are amplifying messages and leading conversations.
  • The Synthesio social media command center empowers healthcare executives with the most important online conversations and quantitative data visualizations piped through our flexible API into multi-screen displays.