Conduct real-time competitor analysis to identify opportunities for product innovation, boost customer satisfaction, and increase ROI.

Actively track how audiences perceive your competitors.

Know where your brand stands in relation to your competitors. Compeititor benchmarking equips you with:

  • Real-time consumer reactions, preferences, and feedback
  • Unique metrics for engagement, reach, sentiment, and awareness
  • The voice and messaging of your competitors

Never miss an important product release or update.

To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to position themselves as leaders. Use Synthesio’s suite to:

  • Track your competitors’ new releases and identify opportunities for product innovation
  • Monitor complaints around your competitors’ products
  • Make sure your products and services are staying ahead of industry standards

Stay on top of negative press related to your competitors.

Today, negative press can spread instantly. Use competitor analysis to your advantage by:

  • Monitoring bad press related to your competitors
  • Staying ahead of industry-wide negative sentiment through timely messaging
  • Identifying the language, topics, and visuals to avoid
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See an example of real-life competitor analysis.

Want to see a real-world example of how companies use competitor analysis? Download our use case story to learn about:

  • The rise of alcoholic seltzer and how the beer industry has responded
  • The social listening insights that our client used to improve its own product and strategy
  • The 4 steps for any industry to rise above growing competition
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