For years, Synthesio customers have had access to market-leading Social Listening Services. Through unrivaled sourcing and analytics, Synthesio has driven the Social Media Intelligence market forward by focusing on real-time insights.

Benefits of Social Listening Services

A powerful solution that balances Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human intelligence — providing you with an unparalleled view of your brand’s presence globally — all under one roof.

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Synthesio meets Ipsos.

Synthesio was acquired by Ipsos, the leading global market research firm, in October 2018. Ipsos offers deep consumer insights and research services to clients across all industries and use cases including media & advertising, brand & market growth, and healthcare. Ipsos was founded in 1975, is headquartered in Paris, and has over 18,000 employees.

The tech world is evolving, and so are we.

We are evolving — moving beyond just a SaaS platform to become the leader in Artificial & Social Media Intelligence (AI Social Media). A modern-day tech company with AI capabilities rooted not in hype, but in proven statistical models developed by Ipsos. A tech company backed by decades of modeling know-how and service experience from Ipsos. A tech company that’s there for you.

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We are proud to continue providing brands with leading Social Media Intelligence & AI technology,
also offer human intelligence services, ensuring that our customers always see the full picture.

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