Metric Reports are ongoing reports provided by Synthesio’s parent company, Ipsos, and can greatly supplement your Social Media Intelligence program. The reports are delivered to you monthly, quarterly, yearly, or any other interval needed, and contain detailed analytics for the chosen period.

These reports, created by Ipsos social intelligence analysts, allow brands to receive reports structured and tailored to their specific needs and reporting preferences. They know they can expect them at the same time every month, in a format that works best for their team, and can be easily shared and understood.

Example Case Study: One of our customers in the beauty industry receives these reports on a monthly basis to get a deeper understanding of online conversations taking place surrounding their brand. One portion of the monthly report focuses on online conversations of the leading beauty brand compared to the online conversations of their competitors.

The report notes that although the beauty company is generating a decent volume of online conversations on Twitter, they are still lagging behind their key competitors. The report also highlights the reason for this disadvantage— a lack of celebrity influencers with a large number of followers.

This same company also relies on these reports to evaluate consumer feedback about products, to determine what messaging resonates best. This portion of the report notes that a new product that the company launched, is very popular among consumers. The report also shows that the words “glow” and “glowy” came up a lot in consumer conversations. Additionally, the report points out that this product is very popular among consumers specifically during the summer months.

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