Social Media Intelligence Suite empowers teams across telecom, software, and video game enterprises with technology industry analysis tools.

Companies built on rapid advances in technology need to have their finger on the pulse of both their competitors and their global consumer base. Powered by natural language processing technology and machine learning, the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides enterprise teams with the tools they need to monitor the digital channels that impact the marketplace and the influencers who drive trends.

Social Listening for Telecommunications, Cable & Internet Providers

Telecom companies use the Synthesio Social Media Intelligence Suite to monitor consumer feedback that could spiral into disasters. We provide a granular view of crisis indicators across media channels and notify stakeholders when there are data spikes. Integrations with leading SaaS providers allow technology companies to close the loop on all organic mentions of their brands, so no complaint escalates into a crisis.

  • Synthesio’s integration partners pull organic posts that don’t appear in owned channels into their response portals so that telecom brands can take action.
  • Follow the entire social conversation with Synthesio’s threading feature, which displays all of the chronological comments generated by the original post.
  • Synthesio’s alerting and reporting gives stakeholders up-to-the-minute views of crisis triggers and organic performance, so teams can remain aware of issues.

Social Listening for Software & IT

Software and IT executives play in a competitive space, which gets more crowded every day. To maintain their position in the market, stakeholders across software and IT organizations must have a flexible MarTech stack that can plug-and-play with data from multiple vendors. Synthesio includes Technology Industry Analysis Tools that can push mentions into a multitude of business process and intelligence tools.

  • Synthesio’s API is designed to connect to SaaS partners so organic social data doesn’t need to live in a silo — and can be leveraged within Salesforce, Marketo, Domo, and more.
  • IT and software companies leverage the Synthesio social listening platform to inform the direction of products based on the feedback that generates the most volume across social channels.
  • Our Technology Industry Analysis Tools empower software and IT executives with granular customer personas that include brand affinities, interests, and demographics of target audiences.

Social Listening for Video Games & App Developers

Video game and app developers sit on the edge of the benefits and pitfalls of social media. Tech executives can leverage the positive reviews and YouTube influencers. Those same executives can crash and burn under the harsh scrutiny of thousands of journalists and millions of trolls. Synthesio provides executives with the most in-depth data on the market which can have an impact on reputation and success.

  • Synthesio’s breadth of media sources captures mentions across thousands of video game and app-focused subreddits, forums, and conversational threads.
  • Video game and app developers leverage Synthesio’s influencer monitoring technology to track the social media users who are leading conversations and amplifying messages.
  • The Synthesio Social Media Intelligence Suite includes consumer reviews from the leading e-retailers to provide product feedback from websites beyond social networks and forums.