Use compelling campaign analysis to uncover where and how your consumers are speaking.

Connect with your consumers, authentically

Reach your audience with partnerships that work. Synthesio social media listening uses campaign analysis to help companies:

  • Identify relevant influencers and celebrities that audiences pay attention to
  • Focus campaign budget on the platforms that drive the greatest ROI
  • Launch carefully-crafted campaigns that account for timing, platform, and consumer interests

Track campaign performance to quickly adjust strategy

While campaigns are running, companies need to adapt their strategies in real-time.

  • Adjust your messaging and platform placement options to make the most effective decisions
  • Measure performance and track campaign contribution to your brand health
  • Monitor and mitigate social media crises by carefully campaign sentiment

Understand your competitive position

Measure your social media ROI easily with the power of data science made accessible by an intuitive interface.

  • Quantify the success of your campaigns versus competitors to see where you can get ahead
  • Surface the posts that generated the most engagement and awareness to optimize future content
  • Inform your future campaign strategy so that each one delivers the right customers, every time

Leverage sophisticated marketing campaigns for your brand

Download our Campaigns Use Case Story to uncover the next step for your brand:

  • Read how a global cosmetics brand was able to verify their marketing strategy using verified data
  • Untangle top competitor’s successes and failures to differentiate your brand offerings
  • Learn best practices to optimize your company’s ability to connect with potential consumers
Download Use Case Story