Social Media Listening

Social media listening

With over 2.6 billion users worldwide and counting, social media offers companies a wealth of data that they can use for market research, ad targeting, and gathering information about their campaigns and their competitors. Social media listening enables organizations to tap into this dynamic resource. Using social listening tools to collect and analyze massive quantities of data from social networks, blogs, forums, and other social channels, firms can obtain meaningful insights into their brand, their customers, influencers, rival firms, and their industry. Social media listening can transform social media data into critical business intelligence—information that can be used to inform marketing, branding, sales, customer service, product development, and more.

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Advantages of social media listening

By deploying an effective social media listening strategy, firms can not only better monitor and manage their accounts and various initiatives on social media but also get inspiration for new advertising campaigns and content marketing strategies. They can use social media listening to more effectively participate in and learn from online conversations. In this way, social listening can help organizations increase brand awareness and customer engagement on social channels, enhance their digital and social media marketing campaigns, and provide more responsive customer support on social networks. By helping them gather honest, unsolicited feedback from consumers, social media listening can help brands create better products and services and carry out market research more efficiently.

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Using social media listening to ensure campaign success

Marketing teams and agencies are likely the first teams in an organization to leverage social media listening. They can employ social listening technology to:

  • Identify, segment, and profile target audiences
  • Create appealing targeted messaging and content
  • Measure and improve the performance of ad campaigns
  • Gauge the public’s reaction to a product launch or new campaign
  • Find influencers to amplify their marketing assets

Moving Image & Content, a pioneering digital agency that crafts campaigns for their clients using compelling narratives and the latest technology, uses social media listening to identify trends in online customer conversations and discover new ways of attracting consumers to their client’s brand. You can read more about how they leverage Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform in the social listening case study below.

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Employing social media listening to protect your brand’s online reputation

PR and communications teams, too, can use social media listening to inform and support their workflows. For online reputation management initiatives, they can use social listening tools to measure and track brand health, detecting fluctuations in the online public’s perception of their brand and extracting possible explanations for the changes from social conversations. For social media crisis management efforts, they can use social media listening as an early warning system, allowing them to receive notifications if an unusual amount of attention towards their brand is detected, particularly negative attention. They can assess the impact of an impending crisis and evaluate the success of their efforts to mitigate its effects.

Why global brands choose Synthesio for social media listening

Synthesio is an established leader in the social listening space, providing global brands with an advanced social media listening toolset that combines comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities with advanced social analytics tools. Used by the world’s leading brands, Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence Suite gives you access to the largest collection of social data on the market alongside next-generation trend and insights detection.

Pre-built for different use cases, Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards let you monitor the metrics important to your objectives alongside real-time mentions of your brand, competitors, and other terms you specify. Leveraging Automated Sentiment Analysis and Synthesio Rank, a proprietary influence ranking tool, Synthesio classifies and enriches your mentions with useful metadata about author, content, and tone. Filter your mentions by media type, source, language, sentiment, Synthesio Rank, and more, in order to drill down to the mentions that have the most impact. Keep an eye on your owned, paid, and earned media from one robust platform.

Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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How do you track your competitors on social media?2020-02-12T16:11:08-05:00
You can use social media listening tools to find out what platforms your competitors are most active on, the type of content and how frequently they post, what type of content gives them the most engagement, what their audience talks about, and more. You can also compare and track your Share of Voice, Share of Engagement, Social Reputation Score*, and other metrics useful for competitive benchmarking.
*A proprietary Synthesio metric
How does social media listening help your brand?2020-02-12T16:07:32-05:00
It helps you refine your social media strategy, boost your engagement and reach on social channels, better understand your customers, create more engaging targeted content, improve the performance of your ad campaigns, mitigate the impact of crises, create better products and services, and provide more responsive customer support on social media platforms.
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