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Social analytics

Social channels offer brands real-time access to the largest and most dynamic source of information about consumers. But sifting through and making sense of the billions of conversations happening around the world isn’t easy. Social analytics makes it easier for global brands to identify the people, trends, keywords, and conversations that truly matter to their business.

Social listening and social analytics tools help you filter out the noise and extract useful, actionable insights from social media data, intelligence you can use to develop better products and services, reach out to customers when they need attention, and create messaging and marketing campaigns that inspire online audiences no matter where they are in the world.

Identifying Social Shifts Dashboard

Assess campaign performance and demonstrate ROI using social analytics

One of the ways firms are using social listening and social analytics software today is to analyze the effectiveness of their digital and social media marketing campaigns and measure their social media ROI. With an enterprise-scale social analytics solution, you can gather metrics for social media measurement from various networks and platforms and collect mentions of your brand, products, and services from across the global social web—from social networking services, media-sharing platforms, blogs, forums, customer review sites, and more—and in multiple languages, depending on the tool you use.

This information can be used to assess and track the performance of your campaigns by helping you better understand how audiences are reacting to and impacted by your messaging and content. Leverage social analytics to discover regional or demographic differences in campaign impact, figure out what type of content works best where, and find the best influencers to organically amplify your brand assets.

Correlated Online Interests Display

Research target audiences and markets using social analytics

Social analytics can also help you obtain insights about your audience and carry out market research into specific communities of consumers. Using an audience analysis tool, you can explore the demographics and psychographics of your target group as well as view information about their online behavior. Identify high-value segments of the market and better understand their interests, brand affinities, media consumption habits, and other details you can use to create tailored content that is sure to engage.

Employ social analytics to learn what type of content resonates most with your target audience and find the best time and most effective channels to deliver your content. Apply topic clustering and trend analysis to your social data to surface the most commonly discussed topics and themes among your target audience, get alerted to a sudden surge in conversation volume, or detect a significant shift in consumer perception of your brand or products. In turn, this will provide valuable insights that your marketing, communications, customer support, and product development teams can use to their advantage.

Protect your brand reputation and brand equity using social analytics

Another critical use case for social analytics in the enterprise is brand monitoring. You can use social media data analysis to measure and track brand health, monitor and manage your online reputation, and protect the brand equity your company worked hard to build. Leverage social media sentiment analysis and influencer analysis to detect a spike in negative comments or a disgruntled opinion leader drawing negative attention to your brand. Use a social listening and social analytics platform to collect baseline metrics and relevant mentions of your brand, products, services, industry-specific keywords, and your competitors across social channels, helping you keep an eye on how consumers are engaging with and talking about your brand and your rivals.

Leverage trusted social listening tools and next-generation social analytics

Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is trusted by global brands because of its ability to analyze massive quantities of data, to extract meaningful insights from billions of conversations in over 195 countries and 80 languages. Using AI for social media data analysis, Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform provides you with rapid time to insight. Employing natural language processing and Synthesio’s own proprietary Automated Sentiment Analysis technology, Synthesio surfaces the trends and topics most relevant to your business. Offering you the largest collection of data sources and enterprise-scale social analytics, Synthesio makes sure your teams never miss a beat.

Via customizable and intuitive use-case based dashboards, view cross-channel social media KPIs to measure your brand’s health and the performance of your campaigns while scrolling through real-time mentions of your product or service. Each mention is enriched with metadata about content, author, and sentiment, so your teams can filter out the noise and drill down to the people and conversations that really matter. Leverage Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards to identify and understand the conversations gaining momentum, improve your engagement efforts, and get the insights you need to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns.

Social Media Intelligence Bubble Chart

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What is a social insights report?2020-02-13T12:21:28-05:00
It is a way of interpreting social media data, extracting meaningful insights from the data, and explaining the insights discovered. It can be used to answer specific business questions using social data, questions such as: How is my brand perceived online? Who is my target audience? What are the trends currently impacting my market?
What are the most common types of social analytics?2020-02-13T12:21:35-05:00

The most common types of social analytics:

  • Audience Analysis, which is used to better understand the demographics, interests, and preferences of a target audience
  • Sentiment Analysis, which is applied to determine the feeling behind the words people use on social media
  • Trend Analysis, which is employed to detect significant patterns and trends in social conversations
  • Topic Clustering, which is used to find connections among mentions or associations between keywords used in conversations on social media
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