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Social listening

To assess and improve their social media marketing campaigns, many companies are now turning to social listening tools. These tools enable companies to measure and track the performance of their ad campaigns on social channels by collecting engagement and reach metrics from multiple platforms and gauging public reception using sentiment and trend analysis. But social listening efforts shouldn’t be limited to campaign measurement. Social listening can be used throughout the enterprise, for social media management, content development, customer support, crisis management, product development, market research, and more. With social listening, organizations can learn from, connect with, and inspire consumers.

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Empowering teams across the enterprise with social listening

In combining social media monitoring and social media analytics tools, social listening solutions enable companies to not only access and collect a wealth of data from social media sources but also mine social media data to extract valuable insights—intelligence that can be used to inform business strategies and decision making across the enterprise. By supplying companies with insights into their brand, consumers, and competitors, social listening can support and enhance efforts in:

  • Public relations. Monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation, detect and assess the impact of an online crisis on brand health, and evaluate the effectiveness of crisis mitigation initiatives.
  • Product development. Collect and aggregate customer feedback and analyze online conversations about your brand or product to identify strengths and weaknesses and improve your product strategy.
  • Competitive benchmarking. Measure and compare your brand’s share of voice, Social Reputation Score*, and other social listening metrics with that of your competitors to find areas in need of optimization.
  • Customer service. Gather and sort your brand or product’s social mentions by sentiment to identify frustrated customers and ensure that they get the attention they need from your customer care team.

*A proprietary Synthesio metric

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Social listening best practices: Helping you get the most value from your tool

For companies that are just beginning their social listening journey, here are some best practices that can help you get the most value from this powerful technology:

  • Start with a strategy. A social media listening strategy can help you focus your efforts and ensure the success of your social listening initiative. First, decide on your objectives and what platforms, locations, and languages you want to monitor.
  • Find the right tool. Once you’ve determined your strategy, you can use it as a guide for carrying out a social listening tool comparison. Experiment with two or three tools that will accommodate your needs and support your use cases.
  • Engage customers. Once you start the social listening process, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to communicate directly with your customers. Acknowledging positive feedback can leave a lasting impression.
  • Leverage analytics. If your social listening service offers advanced analytics tools such as audience analysis or trend analysis, be sure to use them to surface useful insights around your target audiences and from social conversations faster.
  • Share the insights. If your service offers a reporting function, use it to deliver information from your social listening program to internal stakeholders, to share the social intelligence obtained across your teams.

A robust social listening platform for global brands

Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform is a robust suite of social media intelligence tools integrating comprehensive social listening capabilities with next-generation social analytics. The world’s leading brands choose Synthesio because of its extensive collection of customer data and intuitive toolset. Synthesio’s Dashboards for Social Listening are built for various applications, letting your teams monitor and track the KPIs most suitable for their particular use case and objectives. Collect and view relevant key metrics for your owned, paid, and earned media across social channels and explore your mentions, filtering your brand or product’s social mentions by keyword, topic, media type, language, sentiment, Synthesio Rank*, and more.

An established leader in the social listening space, Synthesio leverages AI for social media data analysis to surface accurate and meaningful insights for your teams faster. Powering sentiment analysis, trend analysis, topic clustering, and image recognition, Synthesio’s AI engine helps you process and understand social conversations about your brand, uncovering critical quantitative and qualitative insights that you can use to better reach and inspire consumers, improve your products, grow your business, and gain an edge on the competition.

*A proprietary Synthesio metric

How Celcom uses Synthesio social listening to support their business

Just one of many global brands that use Synthesio, Celcom is one of the world’s leading telecommunications brands. Based in Malaysia, Celcom used Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform to capture relevant mentions of their brand, products, competitors, and industry in English and Bahasa Malaysian. They used Synthesio to find key influencers in their market to amplify their brand assets on social media, develop KPIs to assess the impact of their influencer marketing program, and measure and track brand health. You can read about how Celcom makes social listening work for their company in the social listening case study below.

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Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

What is Social Listening?

With the massive expansion of social media, social listening has become a vital resource for businesses.

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How do you use social listening tools?2020-02-12T09:47:05-05:00
First, you choose the social sources you want to monitor as well as relevant keywords, such as your brand name and the names of your products. Then, you set up alerts, if your social listening tool offers it. On a day-to-day basis or when a project requires it, you can then leverage social analytics tools to get useful insights around your customers, brand health, competitors, marketing campaigns, up-and-coming trends, and more.
How do social media monitoring and social listening tools differ?2020-02-12T09:47:13-05:00
Social media monitoring tools help you gather and aggregate account-level and post-level metrics from multiple social networks and collect mentions of specified keywords from across the social web. Social listening tools add powerful analytics capabilities to social monitoring, enabling users to quickly sort through and make sense of their mentions and find meaningful trends and patterns in the data collected.
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