Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics

Brands are using social media more often than ever today to connect with and build lasting relationships with consumers. With social media analytics, firms can use social media data to learn more about existing and potential customers, create better marketing campaigns, and detect emerging trends and opportunities to engage.

Social media analytics refers to the process of sifting through and transforming data gathered from social sources, which may include social networks, video sharing platforms, and blogs, into meaningful, actionable insights. By helping firms make sense of social data, social analytics software makes it easier to obtain critical consumer insights that are useful not just for marketing and communications teams but also for research and development, customer service, and C-suite executives.

Surfacing Online Trends

How organizations are using social media analytics

Agile and competitive firms use social analytics to empower teams across the organization, enabling them to more easily and effectively:

  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of social media campaigns and maximize social ROI
  • Identify the themes, topics, and keywords that resonate most with an audience to guide content creation

Find the right influencers and brands to collaborate and establish profitable partnerships with

  • Stay on top of changing consumer trends and preferences while keeping an eye on the impact of competitors
  • Protect their brand’s reputation and foster brand loyalty by detecting and resolving product issues and negative sentiment
Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

How to implement social media analytics

One way of carrying out social media analysis is by using social networking services’ native analytics tools. This has its limitations, however, as metrics vary by platform and are only provided for one’s owned accounts. Aggregating information from the various networks can also be a time-consuming process depending on the number of accounts one has and business objectives. Manually hunting for relevant information among all of the metrics—and billions of online conversations—isn’t easy either.

With a social listening and social analytics platform like Synthesio, collecting and analyzing large volumes of social data is quite simple. The platform does it for you. Using one robust toolset that analyzes data from a diverse range of sources, your teams can:

Obtain a holistic view of your brand—your owned, paid, and earned media—across platforms.

  • Get detailed information about your client base as well as up-and-coming trends.

Enjoy real-time access to critical social media and audience insights from a single platform.

AI-powered social media analytics

One of the major benefits of employing an intelligent social analytics platform is being able to leverage the unique capabilities of AI to carry out advanced social media analytics. Sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing and trend detection powered by AI are just two examples of how machine learning algorithms are used by Synthesio to decipher conversations and process huge volumes of social data faster and more accurately. AI makes it possible to identify the most significant trends and patterns in online user behavior and consumer sentiment and reveal meaningful social media insights fast—insights that can be used to fuel smarter, data-backed decision making across your teams.

Social media analytics at your fingertips

  • Combining the leading social media intelligence technology with cutting-edge data science, Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite offers users sophisticated tools for social listening, audience analysis, trend monitoring, crisis management, and more.
  • Social Listening Dashboards show you the conversations that matter most to your brand and your business. View real-time mentions of your brand and specified keywords enriched with metadata about content, tone, and author.
  • Profiler leverages consumers’ online behavior to help you better understand your customers or any audience you define. Craft innovative, targeted content that your teams can be confident will resonate with your audience.
  • Signals processes billions of conversations to identify the statistically-relevant trends, viral topics and media, changes in consumer preferences, and other valuable insights you need to take advantage of key opportunities to lead the market.
AI Powered Trend Detection Display

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What is social analytics?2020-02-12T14:13:28-05:00
This is the process of collecting and analyzing data from social sources to obtain useful information or insights about consumers, market influencers, brand perception and reputation, product reception, competitors, and trends in the marketplace. These insights can then be used to inform strategic decision making by marketing and communications teams.
Why is social media analytics important?2020-02-12T14:13:35-05:00
Social analytics is important because it is one way of aggregating and processing social media data—cutting through the noise essentially—to uncover new, unexpected, and relevant information that businesses can leverage in a variety of use-case scenarios. Social media analytics is the process by which social media data is transformed into social media intelligence.
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