Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis

With the number of people on social media set to exceed 3 billion by 2021, social channels offer companies unprecedented access to the consumer voice and mind. Social media is where customers go to complain about poor customer service or a badly designed product. On the other hand, it’s also where people go to praise a particular product or experience and where people get honest product recommendations from the online community. It’s where businesses go to market their products and services and learn about the latest trends as well as the needs and preferences of their customers. Social media analysis enables firms to mine social data—to get unexpected and actionable insights from the concerns, comments, photos, likes, shares, and other data created by people being social online.

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Using social media analysis to extract business-critical insights from social data

Social media analysis is now used widely by social media managers, marketing agencies, PR and communications professionals, journalists, political groups, and teams throughout the enterprise to more effectively monitor and engage users on social channels and more efficiently carry out research. For businesses, social media analysis can be used to inform and support:

  • Online reputation management by helping you detect negative sentiment and gather metrics for brand analytics, which enable you to measure and track brand health and monitor your brand’s reputation on social channels.
  • Competitor analysis by letting you collect baseline metrics for your competitors’ activity and user engagement on social media and benchmark your brand’s performance against that of rival firms.
  • Product development by allowing you to identify customers’ frustrations, preferences, and changing needs and obtain ideas for new features and other ways to improve your products.
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Leveraging social media analysis for data-driven marketing

Marketing teams and agencies will likely get the most benefits from social media analysis because of the many ways it can be used to optimize their content and inform their strategies. It can be used to gather valuable information about your:

  • Campaigns. Use social analytics to assess and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and justify investments in social media by measuring social media ROI.
  • Influencers. Find the best influencers and micro-influencers to amplify your brand assets by identifying those having the largest reach or greatest impact in your target market.
  • Audiences. Use audience analytics to identify high-value groups and explore their demographics, interests, and brand affinities to develop tailored content and more engaging campaigns.

Tap into the consumer mind using social media analysis

Social media analysis is particularly powerful when it comes to understanding consumer opinions and preferences. Brands can leverage social media sentiment analysis to determine the feelings or tone behind the words people use when they mention or talk about a brand or product on social channels. They can use it to detect negative comments or press coverage that could potentially turn into a public relations disaster if mishandled.

With the right tool, organizations can use social media analysis to discover patterns in consumer behavior and concerns and in online chatter about a specific person, product, or topic. By uncovering connections and shifts in online conversation, firms can get detect emerging trends while learning more about how consumers use and talk about their products and services—or those of their competitors. They can leverage trend analysis to distill key insights around their brand’s online presence, consumer perception of their brand and their rivals, and target audiences around the world.

AI-powered social media analysis from the leader in social listening

Featuring customizable social listening dashboards and industry-leading data coverage, Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite offers firms robust social listening and social media analysis capabilities in one user-friendly toolset. Synthesio Dashboards for Social Listening lets you deploy use-case specific KPIs to accurately measure and track brand health, user engagement, campaign performance, and more across social channels.

Equipped with Signals, an AI-powered trend detection and insights tool, Synthesio’s social intelligence platform provides you with next-generation social analytics. Designed by experts in market research, Signals does the heavy lifting for you, processing billions of online conversations to automatically surface the topics and trends most important to your business. Detect a significant change in your brand’s perception, a competitors’ campaign suddenly generating buzz, or a viral meme being associated with your brand—online happenings you won’t want to miss. Synthesio supplies you with actionable intelligence that your teams can use to build powerful campaigns and maximize your social media ROI.

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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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How do I check social media analytics?2020-02-13T10:37:21-05:00
You can manually check your account-level and post-level metrics and collect data on followers of your owned accounts using the built-in analytics tools provided by social networking services. Or, you can get a complete view of your brand across owned, paid, and earned media, obtain the necessary metrics from multiple platforms, and access detailed information about social media users using a social analytics platform.
What is a competitive analysis?2020-02-13T10:37:30-05:00
It is the process of identifying a firm’s competitors, evaluating their strategies, and determining their relative strengths and weaknesses. It is carried out to help firms discover gaps in the market, find ways to improve their products and services, better differentiate their brand and products, and refine their sales, marketing, and other strategies.
How do you conduct a social media competitive analysis?2020-02-13T10:39:10-05:00
You start by identifying your competitors or rival firms that are using social channels. You then manually, or automatically using social listening tools, collect data about their presence and performance on social media. You can use a social analytics platform to continuously track and compare your top posts and other critical social media metrics such as engagement rate, follower growth, posting frequency, and volume of mentions.
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