Brand Analytics

Brand analytics

Your brand represents what you stand for, or your organization’s core values and culture. It’s what differentiates you from competitors and helps you attract investors, win talented team members, and build credibility and foster loyalty among consumers. Brand analytics helps you ensure that your brand truly reflects what you stand for online—on the social networks and websites people look at when they research your company.

Using social listening tools, firms can gather the qualitative and quantitative data they need to assess brand health and obtain actionable insights about their online presence and audience. Through brand analytics, organizations get intelligence critical for informing and improving digital marketing and communications strategies.

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Use brand analytics to monitor and track brand performance online

Brand analytics is used to better understand how a brand is performing online—how a brand is perceived and received. You can use brand analytics to measure public reception and recognition of your brand using brand health and user engagement metrics on social channels. These include:

  • Brand awareness metrics such as Impressions, Reach, and Share of Voice
  • Brand reputation or favorability metrics such as Sentiment Analysis, Follower Growth, Net Promoter Score, and Synthesio’s proprietary Social Reputation Score
  • Engagement metrics such as Average Engagement Rate and Share of Engagement

Through the use of an audience insights tool, which is included in Synthesio’s industry-leading Social Intelligence Suite, firms can also use social analytics to better understand the demographics, interests, and habits of their client base, their followers on social networks, or even the followers of their competitors.

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Why firms use brand analytics

By leveraging the insights gained from brand analytics, firms can not only better understand their own presence online but also carry out competitor benchmarking, letting them compare their brand health to that of their rivals. Brand analytics offers organizations a wide range of practical insights that they can use to optimize their digital campaigns, content development, and other marketing and communications initiatives. With the right tool, you can monitor and proactively protect your brand’s online reputation while ensuring that your brand messaging and content resonates with your intended audience.

Social listening makes analyzing your brand easier

There are a number of ways to implement brand analytics. You can use online surveys or questionnaires, web analytics tools, analytics tools provided by social networking services, and brand monitoring software, which can do most of the heavy lifting for you.

But brand monitoring or social listening tools make it easier for you to keep track of all the relevant metrics and online conversations pertaining to your brand. A social listening tool collects, analyzes, and categorizes mentions of your brand, your products or services, and other related keywords found on the social web. Depending on the tool you use, you can monitor your brand across a variety of social channels: social networking services, blogs, discussion forums, online reviews, and news media.

With social listening, you can continuously measure and track brand health as well as the mentions that matter, keeping a constant eye on what consumers think of your brand and the campaigns your teams worked hard to develop.

  • Be alerted to complaining customers early so that you can respond in a timely manner and show customers—and consumers watching the conversation—that you care, thereby boosting your brand image.
  • Detect a spike in negative mentions to take fast action to prevent or mitigate the impact of a PR crisis.
  • Dive deep into the socio-demographic details of the people talking about your brand to learn more about your consumer base and the people influencing the conversation.

Brand analytics, audience insights, and AI-powered trend detection at your fingertips

Synthesio’s social listening and social analytics platform enable you to monitor and track online conversations of your brand in real-time across owned, paid, and earned media—on the widest range of social channels and in over 80 languages.

Synthesio Social Listening Dashboards don’t just provide you with the most complete collection of social data on the market but supply you with actionable insights about your brand’s online presence, social campaigns, and audience. Using Automated Sentiment Analysis, Synthesio can tell you how negatively or positively consumers feel about your brand based on what they say. Synthesio’s platform has built-in KPI frameworks so that users can opt into the use-case that best suits their needs, whether it’s brand health or crisis management. Your team can accurately measure brand health, campaign performance, and the impact of a social media crisis as it’s happening.

To obtain insights about your audience, you can leverage Profiler, Synthesio’s audience insights tool which lets you explore the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of an audience and helps you determine what type of messaging will appeal to the groups your business most values.

And to make your job even easier, Synthesio offers Signals, an AI-fueled trend and insights detection tool that uses state-of-the-art data science algorithms to automatically surface the shifts and spikes in conversation, viral media, context keywords, and trending topics you can’t afford to miss. Know when there’s a significant change in brand perception, a coming shift in consumer preferences, or a viral meme that users are associating with your product. No more FOMO with Synthesio.

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What is a healthy brand?2020-02-11T16:02:28-05:00
Brand health is a measure of how well your brand reflects your core values, supports your business strategy, and connects with consumers or online audiences. If your brand is healthy, consumers are well aware and in favor of your brand. They like and engage with your content online and would likely recommend your brand to people they know. Brand health can be measured using metrics such as Share of Voice, Follower Growth, Engagement Rate, Net Promoter Score, and Social Reputation Score.
How do you measure a brand?2020-02-11T16:02:35-05:00
You can use brand analytics to measure how well your brand, campaigns, or content is performing online—how well consumers resonate and engage with your brand. You can use brand monitoring or social listening software to collect metrics on the health of your brand in order to measure and track brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty, and user engagement.
How do you manage your online reputation?2020-02-11T16:02:45-05:00
You can use brand monitoring or social listening tools to monitor mentions of your brand on the social web in order to detect and take action to mitigate the impact of negative sentiment online. Or, you can use social intelligence tools to not only detect negative comments or critical feedback but also better understand and communicate with your audience by leveraging audience insights.
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