Brand Monitoring Software

Brand monitoring software

Nobody likes it when people talk about you behind your back – unless you’re a business and the talk is actually bringing positive attention to your brand. Brand monitoring software helps firms keep an eye on social channels, on the honest, unadulterated opinions and feedback of consumers that can make or break brands on the internet.

Brand monitoring software, also known as social media monitoring tools or social listening tools, enables you to monitor, tap into, and participate more effectively in online conversations. Through the social web, you can access the consumer voice in real-time to better understand how your brand is being perceived, detect growing negative sentiment before it comes to a PR crisis, and get to know the people shaping the conversations that matter.

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How brand monitoring software can help you build and protect your brand

Brand monitoring software refers to tools that are used to collect, track, and analyze mentions of your brand on social media and other websites where user-generated content is publicly available. Social media monitoring and social listening software gather mentions of your brand, your industry, your competitors, and other relevant keywords and topics from the social web, letting you proactively respond to negative sentiment online. These tools show you what people are saying about your products and services or your competitors’ offerings—information that you can use to inform your product development, customer support, sales, marketing, and PR efforts.

By displaying the mentions most relevant to your business on listening dashboards, brand monitoring software uncovers critical opportunities for you to reach out to consumers and show them you care. In fact, many consumers today now expect a response from brands when they complain online—whether in a tweet or online review. With social listening, you won’t miss a chance to turn a frustrated customer into a loyal brand advocate by responding quickly and resolving the issue in record time.

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How businesses use brand monitoring software

Organizations can use brand monitoring software to measure and analyze the health and presence of their brand and carry out more effective customer service on the social web. They can also use social listening for:

  • Campaign analysis: To evaluate and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns
  • Online reputation management: To protect and strengthen their brand’s reputation among online audiences
  • Influencer outreach: To identify the influencers that will most effectively amplify their brand assets on social channels
  • Audience analysis: To better understand consumers and segment online audiences to deliver the right content at the right time on the right channel
  • Competitor benchmarking: To monitor and track the performance of their competitors’ online marketing efforts

How to choose the best brand monitoring software for your firm

Most social media monitoring tools allow you to monitor and track mentions of your brand and other keywords related to your business. These metrics are analyzed and organized to display useful information about brand awareness and engagement. However, the platforms and languages you can monitor will vary by tool.

More advanced social listening platforms will include social media analytics capabilities that can process social data in order to extract actionable insights about your audience and identify emerging trends among consumers on social channels. Some platforms may offer AI-powered capabilities that use machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze and surface more accurate insights from your data—patterns and trends you might be surprised to discover.

Monitor your brand, your audience, and your competitors on social channels with Synthesio

Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is a complete social listening and social analytics toolset that is trusted by global brands. With Synthesio Social Listening Dashboards, your teams get real-time access to high-quality data from the widest range of sources, to conversations from over 195 countries and in over 80 languages. Using Natural Language Processing technology and Automated Sentiment Analysis, Synthesio shows you the mentions, topics, and trends most relevant to your brand—enriched with robust metadata about content, author, and tone.

  • Measure and track brand health and campaign performance by deploying use-case-based social listening KPI frameworks.
  • Detecting negative sentiment early and take action to engage consumers on the channels they’re most active on thereby boosting your brand image and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Monitor your influencers, your competitors, and other brands to better assess the real impact and success of your online efforts.
  • Dive into the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your audience using our audience analysis tool Profiler, which helps you deliver the right content on the right channels to target groups.

Revealing eye-opening insights about your brand, consumers, and the competition, Synthesio shows you what’s important so your teams can spend less time poring over data and more time developing successful strategies and campaigns.

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What is brand monitoring?2020-02-11T16:31:28-05:00
This is manually searching for or using social listening tools to collect and track mentions of your brand, products, and services on social channels, which includes social networking services, online reviews, forums, and other websites where users can post their own content.
What is a brand mention?2020-02-11T16:31:34-05:00
This is when a user or publication writes, says, or posts something, which could be an image or video, about your brand, your products, or your services on social networks, media sharing platforms, forums, and blogs or in customer reviews or the news media. Brand monitoring software is used to monitor, track, and analyze brand mentions.
Why is it important to monitor your brand?2020-02-11T16:31:40-05:00
It is vital that organizations monitor their brand presence on social channels in order to protect their brand reputation, prevent or mitigate the negative impact of a social media or PR crisis, ensure customer satisfaction, gain insights for future product development, foster brand loyalty, and learn more about the people that love or hate their brand or their competitors.

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