Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools

A key part of social media management, social media monitoring is how organizations listen to users of social networks and work to keep their customers happy on social channels. Social media monitoring tools help you save time and money by letting you collect and aggregate mentions—mentions of your brand, products, and services—from across multiple platforms and sites.

Instead of manually checking each social network and searching the web for mentions of your brand, you can use social monitoring software to monitor your owned, paid, and earned media across various social media platforms and gather relevant conversations about your brand and your competitors from blogs, discussion forums, online review sites, and even news media.

Social Media Performance Display

How companies can use social media monitoring tools to support their business

Typically, social media monitoring tools are used by social media managers who need to control multiple accounts and profiles. But it is marketing departments and agencies, customer service teams, and public relations companies that can benefit the most from their use. Marketing teams and companies can use social media monitoring solutions to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, measure and demonstrate the ROI of their digital marketing efforts, learn more about consumer interests and preferences, find brand advocates and influencers, and benchmark their brand’s presence and performance on social channels against that of competitors or best-in-class leaders.

Customer support teams can use social media monitoring tools to identify frustrated or upset customers, gather valuable feedback directly from consumers, and respond more effectively and quickly to complaints and questions on social media. PR firms can use social monitoring tools to support their crisis management and online reputation management efforts.

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Benefits gained from leveraging social media monitoring tools

Social monitoring solutions streamline customer support efforts on social channels and provide you with real-time insight into your brand’s health and presence on social media—showing you which posts get the most engagement, when, where, and from whom. Social media monitoring tools can help you understand your audience better, enhance your marketing and communications strategies, and create more engaging posts and campaigns, thereby boosting brand awareness and maximizing your social media ROI.

Social media monitoring tools do the research for you, so your PR, marketing, sales, customer support, and product development teams can use the information gathered to help your business grow and keep your customers satisfied.

Social media monitoring vs. social media listening tools

For companies that want to be more proactive and strategic with their social media initiatives, social listening tools offer advanced social analytics capabilities that social media monitoring tools generally don’t. With social listening solutions, you can increase your productivity by leveraging automated sentiment analysis, audience analysis, and trend analysis to obtain actionable insights from your social data about the people you want to reach. You can instantly and accurately gauge the public’s reception of a new product or campaign, obtain detailed demographic and psychographic information about your audiences, and detect up-and-coming trends to optimize your content strategy and inform product development.

Social listening, audience analysis, and AI-fueled trend detection in one platform

Offering you the widest coverage of data sources, Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform integrates comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities with robust, AI-powered analytics tools. Synthesio lets you plug into conversations happening across the global social web, transforming your mentions into meaningful insights that you can use to fuel data-driven decision-making at your organization.

Via Synthesio’s social listening dashboards, your teams can view key metrics on brand intelligence, user engagement, and more—alongside your mentions, which are enriched with metadata about content, author, and tone. Keep an eye on your brand’s Share of Voice and Social Reputation Score to assess brand performance while viewing real-time mentions of keywords relevant to your business. Leverage Signals, Synthesio’s state-of-the-art insight and trend detector, to identify a sudden increase in conversation volume around your brand or industry, detect shifts in interest suggesting a change in consumer preferences, or surface viral images and videos associated with your brand or product.

Your marketing teams will also appreciate Profiler, Synthesio’s Audience Analysis tool, which lets you explore your audience’s interests, hobbies, and online behavior to help you craft messaging and content that resonates. Uncover unexpected affinities that can be used to inform your media buying, influencer marketing, event sponsorships, and overall marketing strategies.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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Why is social media monitoring important?2020-02-12T14:49:19-05:00
It is important because it can help companies better understand their customers, find complaining or frustrated users that need attention, evaluate brand health and campaign performance, carry out competitor analysis and benchmarking, prevent and manage crises, and find brand advocates and influencers to amplify their brand assets.
How do you monitor social media campaigns?2020-02-12T14:49:27-05:00
You can use social media monitoring tools, social listening tools, and web analytics tools to collect metrics on brand awareness, user engagement, and conversion to determine the success of social media campaigns. Metrics such as Share of Voice and Sentiment can be used to assess brand perception before and after a campaign in order to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of a campaign.
What are social media metrics?2020-02-12T14:49:36-05:00
These help you measure variables such as reach, engagement, and conversions and are used to assess the performance of social media campaigns and measure the ROI of social media efforts. You can use social media monitoring tools to collect and track these metrics over time in order to evaluate your progress towards meeting specific marketing goals and to inform your overall social media strategy.
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