Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring

With over 2.3 billion users active on Facebook alone, brands can’t afford to ignore social media. It’s where their customers go to gripe and where rivals are advertising their products and services. Your customers now expect a reply when they complain on social channels, and they might even find an alternative from your competitor while they wait for a response. Social media monitoring is one way you can make sure you don’t miss a complaint or critical feedback that you can use to improve your products and services.

Social media monitoring platforms help you keep a close and constant eye on social channels, letting you better understand your customers, monitor your competitors, and ensure that your brand stays visible, your content is engaging, and your campaigns succeed.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Keep your customers happy with social media monitoring

A critical component of social media management is listening to consumers—and reaching out when help is needed or explaining the benefits of your product or service when an opportunity arises. Social media monitoring helps you ensure that you never miss an opportunity to engage consumers at the right moment.

Using a social listening platform or one of the many brand monitoring software solutions now provided by social media monitoring companies, you can automatically gather and track comments about or mentions of your brand from across the social web, from social media platforms, media-sharing sites, online reviews, discussion forums, and even blogs. Find out what people think of your new product or service in real-time.

If the social media monitoring tool you employ offers sentiment analysis, you can receive notifications when negative sentiment is detected, letting your customer service agents attend to a frustrated user, your managers evaluate the effectiveness of your customer care services, or your PR team get a head start on an emerging crisis. Show online audiences that you care about your customers. Ensure that your customers get the level of service they expect. And protect the brand equity you’ve worked so hard to attain.

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Support data-driven marketing with social media monitoring

Your marketing teams will find a social media monitoring service indispensable to their workflows. Social media monitoring helps them assess the impact of your product announcements and marketing campaigns in real-time, letting them see how the online public reacts and adjust their tactics on the fly. They can use social media monitoring to figure out what type of content and which channels consumers prefer and identify brand ambassadors or micro-influencers to amplify your brand assets. If your social media listening software offers audience analysis, they can find high-value audience segments to target and then explore their demographics, interests, hobbies, brand affinities, and other useful distinguishing characteristics to create more engaging content and messaging that resonates.

Analyze your competitors and detect trends with social media monitoring

Another way companies use social media monitoring is to analyze their competitors’ tactics and strategies. Social monitoring tools let you collect critical metrics such as audience growth rate, posting frequency, engagement rate, and share of voice—for your brand’s accounts and brand mentions as well as those of your competitors, allowing you to compare and contrast brand presence and campaign performance across social channels. Use competitor benchmarking to identify areas in need of improvement and discover ways to further differentiate your brand.

If your social media monitoring tool supports trend analysis, you can monitor and track trending topics and hashtags, detect changes in consumer perception of your brand, and learn more about consumer concerns and expectations. Get actionable insights into the consumer mind—information you can use to inform your marketing and sales strategies, guide product development, and grow your business.

Try Synthesio: Social media monitoring and advanced social analytics in one

For those that want a best-in-class social monitoring solution, look no further than Synthesio. Synthesio’s social media intelligence suite provides you with robust, multilingual social media monitoring capabilities and advanced social analytics. Synthesio’s Dashboards for Social Listening let you listen to and analyze conversations on the social web and news media. With access to the most complete collection of data sources, Synthesio offers you comprehensive coverage and high-quality social data—so you never miss a mention that could hurt or help your brand.

Leverage powerful analytics tools including:

    • Automated sentiment analysis. Synthesio’s proprietary machine-learning algorithms determine the emotion behind your mentions, helping you identify growing negative sentiment, detect issues early, and expedite your customer service efforts.
    • Audience analysis. Profiler, Synthesio’s audience analysis tool, shows you the interests, media preferences, favorite sports, favorite brands, and other information you can use to create appealing messaging and inspiring content.
    • Trend analysis. Signals, Synthesio’s AI-fueled trend detector, is built with the rigor of market research to surface the shifts in interest, trending topics and keywords, viral images and videos most relevant to your business.
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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What is the best social media monitoring tool?2020-02-12T15:32:36-05:00
It depends on your organization’s particular needs and budget. When comparing tools, you may want to keep in mind what your primary use case will be as some tools are more specialized. Also, you may want to consider how many platforms and sites you want to monitor, the level of language support you need, and whether you want to integrate your monitoring tool’s data streams with your other enterprise systems.
What is the difference between social media monitoring and social listening?2020-02-12T15:32:47-05:00
Social listening is basically social media monitoring with the addition of advanced social analytics capabilities. A social monitoring tool will let you collect metrics and gather brand mentions from multiple platforms and sites while a social listening tool will let you do that and provide you with a number of analytics tools that help you process the data and extract actionable insights faster—supplying you with insights you can use to answer critical business questions.
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