Social Media Listening Software

Social media listening software

Competitive brands know that simply being present on social channels isn’t enough. Companies that want to stand out from the crowd and stay competitive know the conversation and get involved. They’re active on social media, create entertaining campaigns and post interesting content. They reach out to customers and show they care. They figure out what’s trending and know how to delight and connect with tribes. They build communities and stay connected to their customers. And they use social media listening software to do all of this. They leverage social listening technology to monitor and analyze social conversations, to listen to their customers, to reach out on the right channels with the right content—and to master social media.

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Using social media listening software to deliver responsive customer care

Social media is where customers go to gripe. And companies that make customer service a priority are there to respond when they do. Customer-centric firms use social media listening software to keep an eye on social channels to find complaining or frustrated customers and make sure that a customer care representative reaches out when attention is needed.

Using sentiment analysis, social media listening software can help you quickly find negative mentions of your brand, product, or service anywhere on the social web, on social networks and microblogging platforms and in forums and online customer reviews. Never miss an opportunity to show that your brand listens, cares about its customers, and values consumer opinions—positive or negative.

Social Media Sentiment Display

Using social media listening software to protect your brand reputation

Social media is where people and brands get “canceled” if they’re not careful. Organizations can use social media listening software to carry out continuous brand analytics, to measure and track brand awareness, customer engagement, and sentiment around their brand and their competitors. They can compare their Share of Voice, Share of Engagement and Social Reputation Score* with rival firms and discover what images, words, and topics are associated with their brand in the minds of consumers.

You can use social media listening software for online reputation and crisis management. Receive a notification if a spike in negative mentions of your brand is detected, letting you get in front of bad press or the remarks of a disgruntled employee gone viral. Social listening tools help you determine the scale of a crisis and evaluate the success of your efforts to mitigate its impact. Carry out proactive monitoring of your brand to protect your hard-earned brand image and brand equity.

*A proprietary Synthesio metric

Using social media listening software to improve your products and services

Social media is also where ideas are found, where people and companies get inspired. Forward-thinking firms use social media listening software to gather and aggregate customer feedback, discovering ways to improve their products and services and satisfy their customers. Using social listening tools and social media trend analysis, you can monitor and track the consumer’s voice, find out what consumers want and need and how their desires and motivations change over time. Combine your social listening streams with your CRM data to better understand your customers, anticipate change in consumer behavior and priorities, stay agile and competitive, and guide your research and development efforts.

Social media listening software for customer-centric, forward-thinking brands

Synthesio knows social media. The industry leader in social listening, Synthesio has created a Social Media Intelligence Suite that exceeds the capabilities of most social media monitoring platforms or the services provided by many social media monitoring companies. Synthesio brings together comprehensive social media monitoring and next-generation social media analytics fueled by state-of-the-art data science algorithms.

Using Synthesio’s use-case based Dashboards for Social Listening, your teams can view the social media metrics most relevant to their objectives alongside real-time mentions of your brand and other specified keywords—in over 80 languages—gathered from across the broadest range of social sources. Quickly filter through your mentions by keyword, topic, media type, source, language, location, sentiment, Synthesio Rank*, and more to find the answers you’re looking for.

For time-strapped teams, Synthesio has developed an innovative trend analysis tool. Built with the rigor of market research, Signals surfaces the insights and trends most pertinent to your business. Signals processes billions of online conversations in mere moments, automatically finding the statistically significant shifts in interests, peaks, co-mentions, correlations, viral media, trending topics, and other patterns you won’t want to miss. No more FOMO with Signals.

*A proprietary influence ranking tool developed by Synthesio

Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What is social listening software?2020-02-13T10:03:22-05:00
It refers to applications that are used to automate the gathering and analysis of data from social channels. Scrapers are used to collect metrics and mentions of specific keywords from across social networks, forums, and other sites where user-generated content is made available. Natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and other advanced technologies are then used to process and enrich the data so that users can filter, sort, and obtain useful insights from it.
How do you use social media listening software?2020-02-13T10:03:31-05:00
You can use it to measure and improve the effectiveness of online ad campaigns, find your target audience for social media marketing campaigns, monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation, obtain useful consumer insights, deliver more responsive customer care on social channels, expedite market research efforts, and monitor and analyze your competitors’ social media activity.
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