Social Media Monitoring Platforms

Social media monitoring platforms

With over 2.6 billion people using social networking services today, social media is a source of both great opportunities and challenges for brands. Social media monitoring platforms can help firms get a handle on social channels, enabling them to more efficiently monitor and manage the conversations relevant to their business.

Social media monitoring tools help organizations more effectively use social media as a place for marketing their products, connecting with customers, delivering responsive customer service, carrying out market research, and watching their rivals. Social media monitoring platforms empower firms to take a data-driven approach to their use of social channels, helping them improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction, reduce marketing and research costs, and maximize their social media ROI.

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Social media monitoring tools vs. social media monitoring platforms

When it comes to social media monitoring, there is now an abundance of products and services on the market. Most monitoring tools allow you to search for your brand and other specified keywords across multiple social networks, create a list of accounts and topics to monitor, track specific hashtags and industry terms and access basic social media metrics as well as demographic information about followers of your owned accounts.

Some social media monitoring companies also offer coverage of online reviews and news sites, support for multiple languages, results filtering and segmentation capabilities, real-time alerting and notification systems, customizable reporting services, and more. Social media monitoring platforms combine these various functions and tools into a single integrated solution that can be used by multiple teams across the organization and for a wide range of use cases.

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Teams that can leverage social media monitoring platforms

Marketing departments and agencies can use social media monitoring platforms to measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns, identify brand advocates and influencers to partner with, and keep an eye on competitor campaigns and tactics. PR firms can leverage a social media monitoring service to detect a potential crisis, determine the impact of an emerging crisis, and evaluate the success of their efforts to shape the narrative as the storm recedes. And finally, customer service and support teams can use social media monitoring platforms to find disgruntled customers and respond in a timely manner to urgent inquiries and complaints.

Social media monitoring platforms vs. social media listening platforms

For firms that want to take their social monitoring to the next level and leverage powerful analytics capabilities, social media listening platforms offer a robust combination of social media monitoring and social media data analysis tools enabling companies to take a more proactive and strategic approach to social engagement.

Social analytics help you extract actionable insights from your social data fast—to drive innovation and smarter decision-making across your organization. Your marketing team, for example, can leverage sentiment analysis to gauge the online public’s feelings about a campaign, audience analysis to learn more about the preferences and habits of your customers, and trend analysis to discover viral topics and media to inform your content creation efforts. Social listening helps you better understand the social landscape and gain the most value from your social data.

Synthesio’s social intelligence suite: a robust toolset for a wide variety of use cases

Offering the widest coverage of data sources among social listening and social media monitoring platforms, Synthesio’s trusted Social Intelligence Suite integrates comprehensive social monitoring capabilities with in-depth audience insights and AI-fueled trend detection.

Using natural language processing and automated sentiment analysis technology, Synthesio’s Dashboards for Social Listening don’t just show you your brand mentions but provide you with a variety of customizable data filters, letting you carry out more granular analysis for different use cases. View key metrics and insights about your brand’s presence and performance on social channels. Use Profiler, Synthesio’s Audience Analysis tool, to research the demographics and interests of your target consumer. And leverage Signals, Synthesio’s AI-powered trend detector, to surface unexpected insights on the ever-changing minds of consumers online.

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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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Why is social monitoring important?2020-02-13T11:08:33-05:00
It is important because over 2.6 billion consumers are now using social channels, and brands can’t afford to ignore social media, which is where customers now voice their concerns about a product or service and expect a speedy response when they complain. Social media monitoring platforms help firms find and quickly respond to frustrated customers while also letting them carry out market research more efficiently and effectively. For example, positive online reviews or posts about your brand’s products heavily influence purchasing behavior, and social media monitoring platforms allow brands to understand what consumers like and want to see.
What is the difference between social listening and social monitoring?2020-02-13T11:08:44-05:00
Social listening enables organizations to take a more strategic approach to their use of social channels by combining social analytics with social monitoring. By incorporating sentiment analysis, audience analysis, and other powerful analytics capabilities, social listening tools extract meaningful insights from social media data and help organizations demystify the social landscape—the topics, the words used, the people talking, the feelings behind the words, and more.
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