Social Media Monitoring Service

Social media monitoring service

Firms with multiple accounts and a growing following on social networking platforms can leverage a social media monitoring service to keep an eye on their owned, paid, and earned media on social channels—to more efficiently track brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags trending on the social web.

A social media monitoring service is a paid subscription service that lets you monitor your brand on social channels 24/7 365-days a year, which is exactly how often you should be monitoring them. Social monitoring software can help you detect an emerging crisis early to protect your brand’s online reputation, improve your customer service efforts on social media, evaluate the impact of your campaigns, and track your competitors.

Measuring Social Media Sentiment

Why use a social media monitoring service

With the right social media monitoring solution, organizations can attain a wide range of benefits. A social media monitoring service can help your teams provide more attentive and speedier customer service on multiple social platforms while giving you real-time insight into your brand’s performance on social channels. Without having to check each and every social network, you can use one platform to discover what type of content gets the most engagement across platforms and which channels have the most impact. By showing you a range of useful metrics alongside real-time feedback gathered from consumers around the world, a social media monitoring service can help you fine-tune your social media campaigns on the fly and regularly refine your overall digital marketing approach and strategy.

Social Media Intelligence Bubble Chart

Ways to use a social media monitoring service

Depending on your objectives for social channels, you can use a social media monitoring service for a variety of use cases:

  • Social customer service. Find frustrated customers fast to respond in a timely manner and get honest, unsolicited feedback from consumers to inform your support efforts.
  • Brand monitoring. Aggregate and view mentions of your brand across social networks, blogs, forums, review sites, and news media to measure brand intelligence and detect changes in your online reputation.
  • Campaign analysis. Collect reach, engagement, and conversion metrics you can use to better understand how people are receiving your messaging and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.
  • Competitor benchmarking. Compare your brand’s presence and performance on social channels with that of rival firms or best-in-class leaders to find ways to improve your digital marketing strategy.
  • Crisis management. Be alerted of negative comments or critical posts early so that your communications team can get ahead of the story and mitigate the impact of a social media crisis.
  • Product development. See your products and services from the perspective of consumers to identify strengths and weaknesses and get ideas for new products or features.
  • Social media measurement. Measure and demonstrate your social media ROI and assess the effectiveness of specific social media initiatives as well as your everyday efforts on social channels.

How to choose a social media monitoring service

Choosing a social media monitoring service can be difficult due to the number of social media monitoring companies and variety of social media monitoring platforms now crowding the marketplace. Many social media monitoring services now offer a range of subscription plans, so the company and plan you choose will depend on your particular needs and budget. As you do your research, you may want to consider how many social accounts, channels, languages, and keywords you are allowed to monitor, the depth of social analytics provided, and customer support and integration options. More advanced solutions now offer AI for social media data analysis—next-generation social analytics offering you automated insights into your brand’s perception, campaign performance, and up-and-coming trends on social channels.

More than social media monitoring, a social media intelligence powerhouse

For firms looking for a comprehensive social media monitoring service complete with AI-fueled analytics, look no further. Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is a robust social monitoring solution offering users the widest range of data sources in the social listening space. Via easy-to-use and customizable listening dashboards, you can view brand intelligence, interaction, and engagement metrics for owned, paid, and earned media across the social web. Accurately measure campaign performance or crisis impact while exploring real-time mentions of your brand, product, service, or competitor—enriched with robust metadata about author, content, tone.

For faster, deeper insights into your brand’s perception and consumer needs and preferences, use Signals, Synthesio’s state-of-the-art trend detection module. Built with the rigor of market research, Signals automatically detects statistically significant shifts in online conversations, meaningful correlations, and relevant co-mentions, surfacing the trends most important to your business from billions of online conversations. Get a deeper understanding of what people are saying about your brand, your rivals, and other topics gaining traction on social channels.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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How does social media monitoring work?2020-02-13T10:20:14-05:00
Firms can use a social media monitoring service to find and track conversations about their brand, their products, and other relevant topics on social networks, blogs, forums, and customer review sites. By automatically searching for and gathering mentions of your organization’s name and other keywords from across the social web, a social media monitoring tool can help you obtain honest feedback from your customers as well as gather key metrics used to assess the impact of your social media initiatives.
How is media monitoring done?2020-02-13T10:20:22-05:00
Organizations can use free online tools, automated tools, or managed services to track and gather mentions of specified keywords—a company name, product feature, or competitor’s name, for example—from across print, radio, broadcast, and social media sources.
How can I monitor my competitors’ activity on social media?2020-02-13T10:20:39-05:00
You can use a social media monitoring service or social listening tools to monitor your competitors’ accounts as well as collect and analyze mentions of their brand, products, and services on multiple social channels. You can track key social media KPIs such as Follower Growth Rate, Engagement Rate, and Share of Voice for your firm and your competitors to compare brand presence and performance on social media.
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