Social Media Data Analysis

Social media data analysis

Social media offers brands unique opportunities to engage consumers directly, to provide customers with fast attention when they need it or introduce them to a new product or service at an opportune moment. Social channels also offer brands a wealth of data. Using social media data analysis, organizations can mine the data in order to surface useful insights about their brand’s health, their customers, and their competitors as well as emerging trends in the market.

Firms can leverage social media analysis to follow and understand important conversations on social media and learn more about how people perceive their brand, use their products and services, and spend their time online—valuable information that can be used to inform product development, sales, marketing, and communications strategies.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Using social media data analysis in the enterprise

Every time a user posts their own content on social channels, data is created. And every time a user interacts with content on social media, a data point is created. Using social media listening and social media data analysis to monitor and analyze the data and connect the data points, businesses can extract important insights that can be used to improve:

  • Brand reputation. Collect and track baseline metrics from across your social accounts and aggregate brand mentions from various sources to assess brand health and manage your online reputation.
  • Customer care efforts. Prioritize brand or product mentions expressing negative sentiment to identify frustrated customers fast and ensure that they receive a response in a timely manner.
  • Product development. Discover changing consumers’ needs and preferences and use feedback from your customers or the customers of your competitors to guide research and development efforts.
  • Competitor analysis. Compare your brand’s approach to and performance on social channels to those of your competitors to determine your strengths and weaknesses and refine your strategy.
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Enhance your marketing strategy using social media data analysis

Your marketing team, in particular, will find that social media data analysis is a gamechanger. Marketing professionals and agencies use social listening software, or tools combining social media monitoring and social media data analysis to:

  • Carry out comprehensive market research more efficiently
  • Assess and improve the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns
  • Identify suitable influencers to assist in amplifying brand assets
  • Justify spending on social channels by measuring social media ROI
  • Provide real-time reporting on brand awareness and campaign performance

Know your audience better with social media data analysis

One of the most powerful uses of social media data analysis is for audience segmentation and analysis. Marketing teams and agencies can leverage audience analysis to uncover detailed information about the groups they want to reach. By understanding their audience’s demographics, interests, hobbies, and online behavior, they can create targeted messaging and engaging content, posting their content on the preferred platforms of their audience and partnering with the influencers and brands their audience is shown to favor. By segmenting their audience into smaller groups, they can develop tailored content for micro-targeting and ensure that it gets delivered to the right people at the right time on the most effective channels.

Comprehensive social listening plus AI-fueled social media data analysis

Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is an enterprise-class collection of social listening and social media data analysis tools that supports teams across the enterprise. Synthesio’s customizable Dashboards for Social Listening let you track real-time mentions of your brand, products, and services on the social web—on social networks, blogs, forums, media-sharing sites, customer review sites, and news media—and view metrics that show you how your brand, campaigns, and competitors are performing on social channels.

Synthesio’s audience analysis tool Profiler allows you to dig deep into your audience’s demographics and psychographic characteristics and digital body language, helping you create messaging and content that will interest your target audience.

Synthesio’s trends and insights detector, Signals, is powered by state-of-the-art data science algorithms to automatically surface the information that matters most to your business. Signals processes billions of online conversations to supply you with actionable insights about consumer perception of your brand, new competitors, viral topics, and significant changes in sentiment that can help you gauge the performance of your campaigns—and never miss an opportunity to join the conversation.

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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What are the benefits of social media analytics?2020-02-13T11:41:45-05:00
By enabling companies to identify meaningful patterns and trends in social data, it helps companies make informed decisions in areas ranging from product development to public relations. Social media data analysis can help companies better understand the needs and expectations of their customers, improve the efficiency of customer service and market research carried out on social channels, invest smarter in product development and marketing, increase their competitive intelligence, and demonstrate their social media ROI.
How do you analyze your social media data?2020-02-13T11:41:54-05:00
You can manually gather the relevant data and metrics from each social media platform on which you have owned accounts and then compile the data in a spreadsheet, which can then be used to create charts and graphs helping you analyze the data. Or, you can use a social analytics platform that can collect, track, and process the relevant data and metrics from across your owned, paid, and earned media and provide you with automated insights into your brand’s online presence, your competitors, and social media users.
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