Social Media Listening Platforms

Social media listening platforms

Tech-savvy creative agencies and marketing teams are using social media listening platforms to identify and understand their target audiences, improve their content strategies and ad campaigns, and demonstrate the ROI of their efforts on digital platforms. Teams throughout the enterprise, not just marketers, however, can benefit from a smart social media listening strategy. Your customer service teams, sales staff, product managers, and decision-makers in all areas of your business can leverage a social media listening platform to better communicate with and support your customers, sell your products more effectively, develop better products and services, and fuel data-driven strategies. With a social media intelligence suite, all your teams can benefit from social listening insights.

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Tools and unique technologies provided by social media listening platforms

Social media listening platforms integrate social monitoring software and social analytics software into one toolset, letting you collect and analyze key metrics for social media measurement from across social networks and aggregate mentions of your brand, products, services, and other keywords from one place. Using social listening dashboards, you can view real-time metrics for your owned, earned, and paid media and a timeline of social conversations relevant to your use case. By leveraging sentiment, influencer, and trend analysis tools and other unique technologies provided by social media listening platforms, you can quickly find and surface useful insights around your brand, marketing campaigns, customers, competitors, and consumer and industry trends.

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Boost your marketing ROI with social media listening platforms

Your creative teams can use social media listening platforms to solve multiple pieces of the marketing puzzle: for analyzing your brand, optimizing your online marketing strategy and social media ad campaigns, discovering and evaluating influencers, segmenting and profiling your audience, measuring social media ROI, and more.

With a robust social listening solution that offers audience analysis, they can identify your target audience for a campaign, learn more about what makes them unique, their habits, hobbies, and preferences, for example, craft messaging and content that is sure to appeal—and deliver content on the channels your audience lives on. Once you’ve launched a new product or campaign, they can use social media listening platforms to gauge public reception in real time, adjusting tactics on the fly to ensure success. They can use social listening to find influencers or brand ambassadors that speak to your target audience, partnering with influential social media users to organically amplify your brand assets. And, they can keep a constant ear to the social chatter, finding opportunities to engage consumers and making sure your brand leads, not follows, the latest trends.

Obtain valuable consumer insights with social media listening platforms

Some social media listening platforms are equipped with powerful trend analysis capabilities using AI to help your surface meaningful insights from your social data faster. With social listening, your teams can carry out market research easier and more cost-effectively than with traditional methods like focus groups and surveys. Using trend analysis, you can find out what consumers are concerned or disappointed about, how their needs and expectations change over time, and how their perception of your brand or products fluctuates—and why.

Social media listening platforms enable you to take the pulse of consumers on social channels, getting real-time consumer insights that you can use to evolve your branding and marketing strategies, improve your products and services, find and respond to gaps in the market, and stay a step ahead of the competition.

What makes Synthesio different from other social media listening platforms

While brands are spending more of their marketing budgets than ever before on social channels, they’re also struggling to prove the ROI of their efforts. This is why more companies are investing in social media monitoring and social media listening platforms. But with the sheer number of solutions on the market now, it can be difficult to know where to start. Why not start your search with the industry leader, Synthesio?

Here are a few reasons you might want to add Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform to your social listening tools comparison:

  • Synthesio gives you access to the most extensive collection of social data on the market and supports listening in over 80 languages, making it the perfect solution for brands with a global customer base.
  • Synthesio’s pre-built Social Listening Dashboards are use-case based and customizable, letting you view the real-time, cross-channel KPIs and data visualizations most relevant to your goals.
  • Synthesio’s audience analysis tool Profiler offers you a comprehensive view of consumers’ digital body language, providing you with detailed insights into your target audience’s demographics, interests, and more.
  • Synthesio’s trend and insights detector Signals leverages state-of-the-art data science algorithms to automatically surface statistically significant trends and insights from billions of online conversations.
  • Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite helps you share and distribute social listening insights across your organization via BI-style reporting. Export entire reports or individual widgets to support collaboration among your teams.
Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What are the benefits of social media listening?2020-02-12T16:18:35-05:00
It can help organizations provide more responsive customer support on social networks, thereby improving customer satisfaction, improve their social media strategy, thereby increasing brand awareness and user engagement, and craft more appealing messaging while delivering targeted content to the right people on the right channels, thereby reducing ad spend and boosting the ROI of digital campaigns.
What is the importance of social listening?2020-02-12T16:18:44-05:00
It enables you to measure and track brand health on social channels, protect your brand’s online reputation, identify your target audience and understand what makes them unique, demonstrate the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, know what your customers want and need, and keep a constant eye on your competitors’ social media. Today’s brands simply can’t afford to stay in the dark when it comes to social media. Social listening is your searchlight.
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