Social Monitoring Tools

Social monitoring tools

Social monitoring tools are used to gather and aggregate key engagement and reach metrics from across social networks and to collect and track mentions of specified keywords on platforms and sites where user-generated content is made publicly available. These include social networking services, blogs, microblogging platforms, forums, and online reviews. Companies use social monitoring tools, or the services provided by social media monitoring companies, to get an overview of their brand’s presence and performance on social channels. This enables them to more efficiently monitor and manage their social media accounts, collect feedback from customers, and evaluate the performance of their social marketing campaigns.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

The advantage of social monitoring tools

By using a social media monitoring service or software solution, organizations can save time and reduce labor costs. Instead of having to manually collect metrics from each social network, search for relevant mentions across sites and platforms, and plug all the information into spreadsheets, they can use social monitoring tools to automatically gather, sort, and display the data they need. In addition to social media managers and marketing departments, customer service teams, PR professionals, product developers, and other teams across the enterprise can leverage social monitoring tools to support their workflows and inform their strategies.

Social Media Data Comparison

How teams across your organization can use social monitoring tools

Your social media managers can monitor your brand’s social media accounts while your customer service teams keep a close eye on your brand’s social mentions, looking for complaints and questions to respond to or frustrated customers needing assistance. Using social monitoring tools, sometimes referred to as brand monitoring software, your brand managers can use brand analytics to measure and track brand intelligence and brand positioning across social channels and markets, understand how your brand is perceived by consumers, and know what your customers want and need to inform your brand strategy. Your marketing teams can use social monitoring tools to grasp the public’s reaction to and overall impact of your marketing campaigns, identify brand advocates or micro-influencers to amplify your brand assets and find trending topics and media to inspire content development. Product teams can use social monitoring tools to research and pinpoint the products that consumers like or want to see, which provides honest feedback that can be used to inform future product development or new services.

Social monitoring tools vs social listening tools

For organizations that want to take a more proactive and efficient approach to social monitoring, you may want to consider social listening. Social listening solutions combine social monitoring software with powerful social media analytics capabilities. Tools like sentiment analysis, topic clustering, and trend analysis help you sift through your mentions quickly, using technology to help you find the conversations, people, and topics most relevant to your business. AI-fueled social analytics tools surface accurate, actionable insights and important trends for you, so your teams can spend less time searching and more time strategizing. Social monitoring tools collect data. Social listening tools help you make sense of the data, transforming your social data into valuable social insights.

Comprehensive social monitoring tools plus advanced social media analytics

An established leader in the social listening space, Synthesio helps the world’s leading brands obtain actionable insights from the most extensive collection of social interaction and engagement data on the market. Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence Suite combines comprehensive social monitoring capabilities with AI-powered social media analysis to enable proactive social listening.

Use Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards to view real-time metrics for your owned, paid, and earned media across social channels. Deploy use-case based KPI frameworks to measure and track brand intelligence, campaign performance, or the impact of a crisis, depending on your objectives. Scroll through mentions enriched with metadata about content, author, and tone. Leverage Natural Language Processing and Automated Sentiment Analysis technology to gauge the sentiment of online conversations in 20 languages. Know in an instant whether consumers are reacting positively or negatively to your new campaign or product launch. Detect critical feedback or negative press early to get ahead of the story and mitigate its impact. Find out how your rivals’ customers feel about their products and services to identify gaps in the market and get an edge on the competition.

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The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018
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How can I monitor my competitors on social media?2020-02-13T13:58:33-05:00
You can use social monitoring or listening tools to find out which platforms your competitors are most active on, what type of content and how frequently they post, and the levels of engagement and reach they get. Depending on your tool, you may even be able to explore the demographics of their audience. You can also compare Share of Voice, Share of Reach, Social Reputation Score*, and other metrics useful for benchmarking your own brand’s performance against that of your competitors.
*A proprietary Synthesio metric
Why should I monitor social media for my business?2020-02-13T13:51:54-05:00
You should monitor social channels to get real-time feedback from your customers, carry out proactive customer service on social media platforms, better understand your brand’s online reputation, evaluate the performance of your social media marketing campaigns, identify trending topics that you can use to inform your content development efforts and keep an eye on your competitors.
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