Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Social media sentiment analysis

For brands monitoring their mentions on social channels, an uptick in conversation volume could signal a marketing campaign that’s getting a lot of positive attention or a rush of complaints about a product. Social media sentiment analysis helps you figure out if the buzz on social is positive or negative. Using natural language processing technology to analyze the attitudes and emotions behind the words people use, sentiment analysis enables firms to more quickly gauge customer opinions and feelings about their brand, product, or campaign.

A key feature of social media listening tools, social media sentiment analysis helps you make the most of your social media initiatives. You can use it to measure and track brand intelligence, identify customers needing attention, assess the impact of your online marketing campaigns, and more.

Measuring Social Media Sentiment

Social media sentiment analysis: What it is and why we need it

Sentiment analysis, a critical component of any social listening strategy, is used to determine the mood or feeling behind someone’s words. Social analytics software and other applications use natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analysis to decide whether the sentiment expressed by a user is positive, negative, or neutral.

Due to the volume of conversations on social channels, it’s not humanly possible for your teams to read through and assign emotions to each mention. With social media sentiment analysis, your social listening tool can measure and monitor the sentiment of the mentions relevant to your business, showing you whether consumers are enthusiastic or frustrated about your product or service—or that of your competitor.

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How firms use social media sentiment analysis

By enabling organizations to automatically and efficiently take the pulse of the social web, social media sentiment analysis can be used to inform:

  • Customer service. Sort your mentions on social channels by sentiment to prioritize frustrated or unhappy customers. Respond in a timely manner to provide support and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Online reputation management. Measure and monitor brand perception 24/7 to continuously track brand intelligence, detect trends that may suggest a problem or issue, and assess the impact of a crisis.
  • Campaign and content optimization. Evaluate the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and messaging on social channels and figure out what type of content users resonate with.
  • Competitor analysis. Compare your brand’s health and campaign performance on social channels to those of your competitors and identify areas in need of improvement using competitor benchmarking.

Tools leveraging social media sentiment analysis

There are a variety of digital tools now leveraging sentiment analysis. These include social media search engines, data science platforms, customer feedback analysis tools, customer service platforms, brand analytics software, and social listening tools.

More sophisticated social listening solutions combine social media sentiment analysis with other social analytics capabilities to extract meaningful and actionable insights from social media data—insights that can be used to inform content development, media buying, campaign strategy, and R&D. Audience analysis, for example, can be used to learn more about a targeted group of users on the social web. You can find the demographic segments that align closely with your brand and better understand their preferences, interests, and online purchasing behavior to determine how best to reach them.

Take the emotional pulse of social with Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite

Synthesio’s social listening solution uses Natural Language Processing and proprietary machine-learning technology to automatically analyze and track fluctuating sentiment from your mentions on social channels in real-time.

Extracting actionable insights from massive quantities of data, Synthesio does the work for you. Synthesio’s social listening dashboards show you the statistics you need to understand how your brand is performing on social networks, forums, online reviews, and even news media. With a single click, you can view the actual mentions fueling the stats to determine if and how you should respond.

With Synthesio, you can track and understand the sentiment behind conversations happening around the world and in over 80 languages without having to read a single mention. Keep an eye on brand intelligence, assess the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, and be alerted to an emerging crisis on social media—all from one robust platform. Equipped with audience analysis and AI-powered trend detection capabilities, Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite offers you the widest range of automated insights on the market.

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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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One of the most common examples of sentiment analysis is for social media monitoring, specifically for categorizing mentions of a brand, product, or service on social media. It can be used to automatically identify negative comments or disgruntled customers and prioritize mentions by urgency so that customer support teams are able to respond in a timely manner.
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