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Social analytics software

Social analytics software is used by social media managers, PR professionals, marketing agencies, customer support teams, product managers, journalists, social science researchers, political campaigns, and other groups that have discovered the value of social media data. Without analytics, social media data is a lot of words, links, and images—noise surrounding interesting content. With analytics, data gathered from social channels can be transformed into an abundant source of insights waiting to be uncovered.

Social analytics software helps you filter out the noise and find the information you’re looking for, surfacing insights you can use to better understand your customers, improve your digital marketing strategy, protect your online reputation, maximize your social media ROI, and get an edge on the competition.

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Empower teams across the organization with social analytics software

Social media listening platforms that bring together social media monitoring tools and social analytics software can be used to extract meaningful insights from your social data, intelligence that you can use to inform and support a variety of initiatives:

  • For brand monitoring. Track positive and negative comments about your brand, see how your brand logo and products appear in user-generated images, measure brand health, and detect changes in public perception of your brand.
  • For competitor benchmarking. Compare your brand’s presence and performance on social channels to that of your competitors to identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn from their approach and tactics.
  • For audience profiling. Identify high-value audience segments to target online and learn more about their demographics, content preferences, interests, brand affinities, and media consumption habits.
  • For product development. Obtain real-time feedback from customers about their frustrations and expectations and detect emerging consumer trends to improve your existing products or services and guide R&D.
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Improve your marketing strategy with social analytics software

Marketing agencies and teams can leverage social analytics software from pitch to project completion. Social listening and social analytics tools can be used to refine your pitches and marketing strategy by providing you with fresh insights about your client’s or company’s brand presence and reputation on social channels, target audience(s), and trends impacting your market.

Social analytics software can help you carry out comprehensive market research more efficiently, identify the right personas for audience targeting, and develop messaging and content that is sure to inspire the groups you plan to reach. Once you’ve launched a campaign, you can use social analytics tools to assess its impact in real-time, adjusting your tactics and strategies on the fly to ensure success. Use influencer analysis to find brand ambassadors and micro-influencers to amplify your campaign’s message organically. And share real-time data with your clients or executives about overall campaign performance and social media ROI via analytics dashboards or social listening insights reports.

Advantages of using social analytics software

Social analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics are provided by the major social networking services but collecting data about your followers or fans and tracking varying post-level and account-level metrics across platforms takes time. Gathering, sorting, and plugging the data into spreadsheets, and then creating visuals to process and explain the data, is not how you want to spend your day when you have strategizing to do. Let social analytics software do the work for you.

A social listening and social analytics platform can aggregate the necessary reach and engagement metrics from multiple accounts and channels and gather all mentions of your brand, products, services, and other keywords you choose from across the social web. Get a comprehensive view of your brand across owned, paid, and earned media and, with the right tool, leverage AI for social media data analysis to accelerate your time to insight and uncover unexpected connections, patterns, and trends in your social data.

Trusted social listening tools and advanced social analytics software in one platform

Empower your marketing, product development, sales, public relations, and other teams with Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite, a fully integrated toolset combining comprehensive social media listening tools with enterprise-grade social analytics software. Using Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards, monitor all the conversations relevant to your brand. Drill down to the most important mentions to view detailed information about content, author, and tone. Zoom out to get a holistic view of your real-time brand health, assess the impact of a crisis, or evaluate campaign performance across different channels, languages, and geographic regions.

To help you surface insights fast, Synthesio also supplies you with sophisticated analytics capabilities including:

  • Automated sentiment analysis. Leverage Synthesio’s proprietary machine-learning technology to ascertain the overall mood of conversations in over 20 languages.
  • Influencer analysis. Let SynthesioRank help you find key communities of advocates or detractors by showing you users who may have the greatest impact.
  • Reputation analysis. Track your Social Reputation Score to determine the success of crisis mitigation efforts and see how you compare with your competitors.
  • Trend analysis. Employ Synthesio’s AI-powered trend detection and insights module to uncover statistically significant patterns and trends in your social data.
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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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Why is social analytics so important?2020-02-13T13:37:14-05:00
By applying data science to social media, social analytics make it easier for users to interpret social media data, find the information they need, extract more accurate and useful insights from large quantities of data faster, and turn their social data into actionable intelligence that can be used to answer critical business questions and support decision-making across the enterprise.
What is the purpose of social analytics software?2020-02-13T13:37:23-05:00
It is used to aggregate baseline metrics and collect and analyze mentions of keywords from various social channels, thereby enabling companies to gain insight into the presence and performance of their brand on social media, determine their social media ROI, monitor and manage their online reputation, mitigate potential PR crises, streamline customer service efforts, learn more about online audiences, and evaluate and track the progress of marketing campaigns.
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