Social Listening Insights

Social listening insights

Most brands know now that they can’t afford to ignore social media, but they oftentimes don’t know how to obtain the most value from social media data or understand the full impact of social media engagement and social conversations on their business. Social listening tools help firms measure and assess their brand’s presence and performance on social channels and provide them with social listening insights that they can use to support and inform their efforts in marketing, product development, sales, customer service, and many other areas.

Using social media listening tools, firms can transform social data into actionable social listening insights: useful information about their marketing campaigns and target audiences, insights around consumer and market trends, and intelligence about rival firms that they can use to get an edge on the competition.

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Social listening insights for marketers: Optimize your content and campaigns

Marketing professionals and agencies leverage social listening tools to obtain critical information about their brand or clients, target audiences, and campaigns—valuable social listening insights that help them assess and improve the effectiveness of their digital and social media marketing tactics and strategies. As shown in the social listening case study below, firms can dramatically improve the ROI of a targeted ad campaign on social media by using social listening insights.

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Social listening insights for product managers: Enhance your products and services

It’s not just marketing and communications teams that can use social listening insights to inform and improve their work. Product managers can use social listening technology to access unbiased opinions and feedback—inspiration for new products or helpful criticism about existing products—from customers directly on social channels.

By collecting and analyzing conversations about a product or service on the social web, firms can find out what consumers like or dislike and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their offering—social listening insights that they can use to guide future research and development. Using social media sentiment analysis, they can quickly gauge the online public’s reaction to a product launch, letting them know early if they have a success on their hands or not. Using audience and trend analysis tools, they can learn more about their customer base, find out what consumers are concerned about, and detect changing priorities. They can supplement their existing market research tools with social listening insights to identify barriers to product adoption and stay agile in a competitive marketplace.

Social listening insights for competitive firms: Learn from your rivals

Social listening tools are also invaluable for competitor monitoring and competitive benchmarking. Organizations can use social listening to analyze their competitors on social media, to see what platforms they’re active on, where they get the most engagement, how frequently they post, how fast their audience is growing, what their audience talks about, and more. Firms can benchmark metrics like Share of Voice, Impressions, and Social Reputation Score* to determine how their brand’s presence and content performance compares to that of their rivals. They can use social listening insights to better understand their brand’s or product’s positioning in the market, monitor and manage their online reputation, and identify a competitive threat early.

*A proprietary Synthesio metric

Get actionable social listening insights fast with Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform

The world’s leading firms use Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence Suite to optimize their digital marketing campaigns, better understand their customers, create better products and services, and stay competitive. Named a Global Leader by an independent research firm, Synthesio is an expert in social media monitoring and social media data analysis.

Via customizable, use-case based Social Listening Dashboards, users of Synthesio’s platform get access to the most extensive collection of social data and social listening insights on the market.

  • Collect, analyze, and view mentions of your brand, products, and competitors from across the social web, from social networking services, microblogging platforms, forums, blogs, online reviews, and news media.
  • Monitor brand health, measure and benchmark campaign performance, and track the sentiment of social conversations relevant to your business in real-time.
  • Use Synthesio Profiler to explore detailed information about the demographics, hobbies, interests, preferred media, online behavior, and other characteristics of your customer base and/or target audience.
  • Leverage Signals, Synthesio’s AI-powered trend detector, to surface statistically significant shifts in interest, correlations, co-mentions, and other patterns and insights relevant to your brand from billions of online conversations.
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Synthesio Named a Leader in Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 Report

“Synthesio is a sound choice for brands that need a social listening platform that solidly delivers on core functionality”
The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018
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What does social listening mean?2020-02-13T14:39:45-05:00
It refers to the use of technology to aggregate various engagement, reach, and other metrics from across social channels, collect and analyze mentions of specified keywords, such as a brand or product name, on the social web, and obtain actionable social listening insights. Social analytics enables enriching, sorting, and filtering of mentions, allowing users to quickly find the conversations and people most important to their brand.
What is a social listening tool?2020-02-13T14:39:52-05:00
It is a software application that uses scrapers and data-science algorithms to automate data gathering, data analysis, and data enrichment. It makes it easier for firms to collect metrics from multiple social media platforms, gather and analyze mentions of specified keywords from across social channels, and filter and curate social conversations in order to extract useful social listening insights.
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