Social Listening Case Study

Social listening Case Study

For organizations that are considering adopting social listening, a social listening case study is a great way to get inspired and find out how other brands are using social listening platforms to support their business initiatives. A social listening case study can help you develop or refine your own social listening strategy and ensure that you get the full benefits of this powerful technology that global brands are now leveraging to grow their business and stay competitive. With the right tool and an effective strategy, social listening can help you uncover surprising opportunities to evolve your marketing strategy, expand your product line, engage consumers, and lead the market.

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Social listening case study summary: Celcom uses Synthesio to support digital transformation

Celcom, a leading telecommunications brand based in Malaysia, was embarking on an extensive digital transformation at their company. They were planning to upgrade their social media and digital strategies and wanted to boost the performance of their digital marketing campaigns and the ROI of their social media marketing initiatives.

According to the social listening case study, Celcom used Synthesio, a robust social listening platform, to collect and analyze mentions of their brand, products, competitors, and industry-related keywords from across social channels. They employed social listening to measure and track brand health, better understand their target audience for ad campaigns, and find and evaluate the impact of influencers. Using Synthesio Beam, they created a social media command center to share real-time metrics and social media insights with internal stakeholders.

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Social listening case study summary: Imagination partners with Synthesio to provide insights to clients

Imagination is an innovative marketing agency that specializes in creating experiences. Because of the nature of their work, they found social listening to be critical in showing clients the impact and value of their productions. They used Synthesio’s social media listening software to measure audience engagement with brand experiences, leveraging data on sentiment, share of voice, and share of interactions.

As shown in the social listening case study, Imagination worked with Synthesio to develop their own Connected Experiences Index, which is used to rank brand experiences and demonstrate how social amplification can bring other audiences into an experience even if its members are not physically present. Leveraging social listening data, they were able to prove that deeply engaging experiences foster greater brand loyalty and have a more positive impact on audiences. By sharing social listening insights with their clients, they have solidified their position as thought leaders in the marketing industry.

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Social listening case study summary: Paprika leverages Profiler to double client’s marketing ROI

A creative agency that helps brands deliver high-impact campaigns, Paprika used Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence Suite to assist their client in boosting the ROI of their Black Friday ad campaign. According to the social listening case study, they employed Synthesio’s powerful audience insights tool Profiler to identify their client’s most valuable audience and discover the demographic, psychographic, and other characteristics of their target audience to create more engaging messaging and content. They used anonymous customer data to build target personas, or profiles of the ideal customer, which helped them develop a more effective targeted campaign and double their client’s ROI. Synthesio enabled them to transform their client’s data into actionable insights that can be used to optimize their marketing campaigns.

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Partner with Synthesio to get accurate insights into your brand, customers, and campaigns

Global brands choose Synthesio because it provides them with the robust social listening capabilities and enterprise-scale analytics they need to monitor their brand, their customers, and their competitors across multiple social platforms, regions, and languages. Synthesio supports social listening for over 80 languages and offers broad-reaching social data coverage.

Using Synthesio’s Dashboards for Social Listening, your teams can view and filter real-time mentions of your brand’s name and other specified terms by topic, media type, source, language, location, sentiment, and Synthesio Rank—alongside use-case based social media KPIs. With Synthesio Rank, you can focus on the mentions, sites, and people with the most influence. And leveraging Automated Sentiment Analysis, you can get notified when critical comments or rising negative sentiment is detected, letting your customer care or PR teams act fast to resolve the situation.

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DDC Is Owning the Conversation Through Social Intelligence

“DDC partnered with Synthesio to incorporate detailed and comprehensive Social Intelligence into their client campaigns and is now leveraging the full power of social data to shape online results.”
DDC Public Affairs
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What are some use cases for social listening?2020-02-11T16:59:33-05:00
It is used to evaluate the performance of social media and digital marketing campaigns, identify and assess the impact of influencers, profile and segment target audiences, monitor and manage a brand’s online reputation, detect and manage crises, conduct market research and trend analysis, obtain competitive intelligence, and more.
What is social listening and why is it important?2020-02-11T16:59:39-05:00
It involves using a social listening tool or software application to gather account-level and post-level metrics from multiple social networks and to collect and analyze mentions of specified keywords from across the social web. It not only helps businesses measure and assesses their brand’s presence and performance on social channels but enables them to keep an eye on their competitors, obtain valuable insights about consumers, get alerted to a potential crisis, and detect meaningful trends emerging around the world.
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