Audience Insights Tool

Audience insights tool

The social web—sometimes referred to as the world’s largest focus group—and the social data gleaned by firms from social media offer marketers and PR teams today with a unique opportunity to access vast amounts of detailed information about the audiences they want to reach. An audience insights tool makes it easier to sift through and surface actionable insights from social media data.

More affordable and efficient than relying on traditional market research tools like interviews and focus groups and simpler than working with complex data integrations, an audience insights tool allows you to spend less time searching and more time leveraging critical consumer insights to optimize your marketing initiatives and strategies.

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Surfacing insights from social data using an audience insights tool

An audience insights tool collects and processes user data—from social networks and online user behavior—for you, allowing you to discover useful information about a particular group. It provides you with visibility into the demographic and psychographic dimensions of a target audience. It supplies you with audience insights that can be used to support strategic decision making across your organization, not just for marketing and communications efforts but also for product development and customer care.

By leveraging the latest data available on the social web, social listening and audience insights tools offer you access to real-time audience intelligence—new and meaningful information about the people you want to engage, inspire, and build lasting relationships with.

Audience Analysis on Top 20 Hobby and Activity Interests

Using an audience insights tool for market research and maximizing ROI

To carry out a market research study using an audience insights tool, you would start by choosing a group that you want to communicate with or that is representative of or similar in characteristic to an audience you want to target. This may be your existing client base, potential clients such as visitors to your website, or followers of your competitors’ social media accounts. By entering their email addresses, phone numbers, or usernames into an audience insights tool, you can then obtain a typical audience profile or persona.

Depending on the tool you use, you will be able to view detailed socio-demographic and behavioral information pertaining to the persona. This may include variables like media preferences, hobbies, or brand affinities. By comparing your target persona to a reference audience, you can verify which characteristics and behaviors of your group are truly unique.

You can then define a target persona based on the unique characteristics of your group and in accordance with your specific marketing goals and business objectives. This persona can be used to guide audience segmentation, content creation and strategy, media buying, event planning, influencer marketing, and campaign analysis—and improve your overall marketing ROI.

Applying knowledge gained from your audience insights tool to marketing initiatives

By helping you better understand key aspects of a target group, an audience insights tool can be used to support various marketing efforts.

  • Content marketing: Craft brand messaging and create innovative content that resonates with your audience based on their unique interests and values.
  • Media planning and influencer partnerships: Launch campaigns and find influencers on the channels your audience is most active on.
  • Sponsorships: Amplify your brand assets by identifying and partnering with the brands and events that most appeal to your audience.
  • Agency pitches: Be more creative and justify your marketing recommendations to clients based on real-time audience insights and consumer trends.

Synthesio: Audience insights at your fingertips

Profiler, just one of the many tools included in Synthesio’s robust Social Intelligence Suite, is an easy-to-use audience insights tool that leverages data from over 2 billion users across the globe. Profiler provides you with deep insights into your audience—in seconds. Simply import a list of your clients, website visitors, or other target groups, and Profiler gives you a 360-degree view of your target persona. After exploring the demographics of your audience, dive deeper in order to understand the types of media they prefer, the brands they like, the TV they watch, the places they travel to, and more. With a few clicks, publish actionable reports for your specific use case. Let Profiler do the crunching while your teams do the creating.

Viral Content Dashboard

How Paprika Used Audience Insights to Double Black Friday Sales for Luxury Client

“Profiler helps us to build more effective campaigns. Based on the socio-demographics criteria, we define the target to use in our social ads while affinity categories & hobbies help us to create the right content. We’ve saved time on set-up & optimisation. Results doubled for our customer.”

Julie Debonne, Paprika
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How do you target your audience?2020-02-04T15:43:07-05:00
You can use an audience insights tool to explore the demographics and other characteristics of your existing customer base, potential clients, which could be visitors to your website or subscribers to a mailing list, or even followers of your competitors’ social media accounts. Then, by comparing this group with a reference audience, you can discover what makes the members of this group truly unique. And based on their unique socio-demographic characteristics, you can then define a target persona, which is used to target specific audiences on social networks and other platforms.
How do you use audience insights?2020-02-04T15:43:13-05:00
These can be used to inform overall marketing strategies including brand messaging and product positioning as well as day-to-day marketing operations such as content development, media buying, event sponsorships, and more. In addition to helping you create relevant targeted content, insights about your client base or a specific group of consumers can be used to improve your products and services and optimize the performance of your customer care efforts.
How do you analyze an audience?2020-02-04T15:43:18-05:00
You can do this by using conventional market research tools such as interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups. Or, you could use an audience insights tool, which collects and processes data from social networking services to supply you with detailed demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information about a specific group of people.
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