Social Media Data

Social media data

A rich source of information about the interests, concerns, and behavior of social media users, social media data is now used by academic and local governments, in politics, and in many sectors of the economy. Using social analytics software, businesses can mine historical as well as real-time streams of social data to obtain critical insights around their online presence, their customers, rival firms, and the market. They can use social media data to better understand their customers’ needs and wants, discover new consumer trends, keep an eye on competitors, and measure and track their brand’s presence and performance on social channels.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Drive strategic decision making across the enterprise using social media data

Real-time user-generated data is invaluable for market research. Leveraging social media monitoring and social media analysis tools, firms can access and process social media data in order to gain insight into what consumers are thinking and feeling, their likes and dislikes, the topics they’re interested in, and the people and brands they follow. Organizations can use the metrics and insights obtained from social media data to measure and track brand health and customer satisfaction, benchmark their brand’s performance on social channels against their competitors, manage their online reputation, inform their marketing campaigns, and guide product development efforts.

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Analyze social media data for insights into your campaigns

Marketing teams can use social media data to assess and track the performance of their digital campaigns in real-time, determining what type of content works best on which channels, and justify spending on social media initiatives by measuring social media ROI. They can carry out influencer analysis to find the most effective brand ambassadors and micro-influencers to amplify their brand assets and then evaluate their influencers’ impact on target communities. Using a social listening and social analytics platform, they can compare their own brand’s presence, engagement metrics, and campaign performance on social media to that of their competitors, enabling them to find areas in need of improvement and refine their marketing strategies.

My social media data for insights into your audience

Using an audience insights tool, firms can learn more about their customers or potential customers from social media data. They can determine high-value groups for audience segmentation and ad targeting efforts and explore the interests, brand affinities, favored travel destinations, media consumption habits, and other distinguishing characteristics of their target audiences. From social media data, they can obtain detailed information about what makes their audience unique—audience intelligence that can be used to create engaging content and then deliver that content on the most effective channels. Using social media trend analysis, companies can tap into emerging trends and viral media on social channels, developing content and messaging that feels relevant to the moment and inspires users to comment and share.

Turn social media data into actionable intelligence with Synthesio

Combining comprehensive social listening with the sophisticated audience and trend analysis tools, Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite helps you transform social media data into actionable insights. Synthesio supplies you with real-time intelligence that you can use to answer critical business questions and support data-driven decision making in product development, marketing, public relations, sales, and other areas of your business.

Using Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards and Synthesio Beam for Social Media Command Centers, your teams can monitor mentions of your brand, products, services, and other keywords—gathered from across social networks, blogs, forums, and more—in real time while viewing business-critical brand health, engagement, and reach metrics for owned, paid, and earned media. Synthesio’s automated sentiment analysis helps you gauge the mood of specific conversations while SynthesioRank shows you the potential influence of each commenting user.

Profiler, Synthesio’s audience insights tool, uses social media data to provide you with in-depth demographic and psychographic information about your target audiences. And Signals, Synthesio’s AI-powered trend, and insights module, automatically analyzes billions of online conversations to surface accurate insights about (1) the online public’s perception of your brand and reception of your campaigns, (2) changing consumer needs and preferences, and (3) viral memes, media, and topics your teams should be aware of.

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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What are the types of social media data sources?2020-10-13T11:15:01-04:00
Social media data is collected from social networking services like Facebook, microblogging platforms like Twitter and Sina Weibo, media-sharing sites like YouTube and Instagram, blogs, discussion forums, customer review sites, and news sites.

What is social media data mining?2020-02-13T10:51:51-05:00
It is the process of analyzing, finding meaningful patterns in, and extracting actionable insights from social media data, or data gathered from social networks, microblogging sites, media-sharing platforms, blogs, forums, and online reviews. It can be used to gauge the online public’s perception of a brand, product, or service and learn about consumer interests and preferences as well as up-and-coming consumer trends.
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