Social Listening Platforms

Social listening platforms

Many of today’s top brands use social listening platforms to obtain vital business information from the plethora of digital spaces in which consumers now spend a great deal of time. These platforms provide firms with actionable insights that can be used to inform product and service development, online content strategy and creation, audience segmentation, influencer identification, crisis management customer service efforts, strategic ad planning, and more. A social listening platform is a suite of tools or technologies used to collect, manage, and analyze data from social sources, which includes social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as blogs, forums, and other public websites.

Social listening platforms enable firms to track relevant conversations on the social web, converting social data into social media intelligence that drives smart decision-making across organizations.

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Social listening platforms empower teams across the enterprise with real-time, business-critical insights

A social listening platform can provide your marketing, PR, research, and customer care teams as well as C-suite executives with an arsenal of tools that helps them learn more about your existing and potential customers, monitor and manage your brand’s online presence, and assess your social media ROI.

By using social listening platforms to gather and analyze data from social sources, your organization can:

  • Track your online brand reputation and access authentic, unsolicited feedback from customers in real time, enabling you to act proactively to protect your brand image and ensure customer loyalty
  • Optimize brand and product messaging, evaluate and improve day-to-day and overall marketing strategies, and better engage with customers to build lasting relationships and foster brand advocacy
  • Monitor your competitors, their online presence, their strategies, and relevant trends in your industry and amongst your consumers to stay one step ahead of consumer trends and the competition
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What to look for when comparing social listening platforms: data sources and integration capabilities

Not all social listening platforms are the same, however. And the market is still evolving. When researching social listening tools and platforms, here are some essential features to look for:

  • Access to a wide variety of data sources—in many languages and from around the world—and large volumes of data to obtain greater statistical accuracy
  • Quick search capabilities that allow both power and non-power users to explore social data and find the information they need to support various use cases
  • An audience insights tool that helps firms learn more about their consumers’ demographics, behavior, preferences, and interests
  • APIs that let users move data out of the platform and into other enterprise systems, thereby facilitating data integration across the organization
  • AI-powered trend detection & insights built with the rigor of market research

A robust social listening platform providing you with comprehensive social media intelligence

Synthesio’s industry-leading social media intelligence suite, which many global brands now depend on, incorporates highly customizable and powerful social listening technology with state-of-the-art audience analysis and trend detection tools. With Synthesio, get access to unique tools you won’t find in other social listening platforms, such as:

  • Dashboards for Social Listening which provide you with a wealth of high-quality social data, let you track consumer conversations in multiple languages and across the globe, and allow you to accurately monitor brand health and campaign performance
  • Profiler which not only tracks and takes into consideration what customers say but analyzes their interests and online behavioral data, essentially supplying you with documentation of their “digital body language”
  • Signals Trend Detection, our AI-powered trend detection and insights module that helps you stay ahead of relevant issues and viral topics by enabling you to identify changes in your brand’s perception as well as in consumer needs and interests

Why Synthesio is miles ahead of other social listening platforms: Comprehensive, easy-to-use, and intelligent

What makes Synthesio’s platform like no other is (1) our vast collection of data sources, ranging from national news and social networks to local publications, (2) our insight and trend detector powered by state-of-the-art data science algorithms, and (3) our AI engine which analyzes billions of online conversations, leveraging machine learning to supply you with actionable insights fast.

Synthesio also offers professional services that help you interpret the data our platform collects and analyzes. Whether you need simple baseline reporting or more sophisticated strategic guidance, we can assist you in uncovering hard-to-find information—and answers to your specific business concerns—in your data sets. Moreover, because Synthesio lets you combine data from BI and social listening platforms, we make it easy for you to integrate social data with your call center data, marketing performance data, sales metrics, and more, thereby obtaining a holistic view of your customers and your business.

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Synthesio Named a Leader in Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 Report

“Synthesio is a sound choice for brands that need a social listening platform that solidly delivers on core functionality”
The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018
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What are social listening tools?2020-02-13T14:56:10-05:00
Social listening tools refers to software that is used to capture, monitor, and analyze online conversations about a company, a specific topic, a firm’s competitors, and/or other relevant themes. More specifically, these tools collect mentions of specified keywords or phrases from social networks, posts and comments on blogs, forums, and other websites where user-generated content is made public.
What are social listening platforms?2020-02-13T14:56:22-05:00
These platforms bring together social listening software with other related tools and services, which may include technology used for audience analysis, brand monitoring, crisis management, and trend detection. They enable you to track brand health, learn about your online audience, uncover customer frustrations, identify influencers, evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns, carry out competitor benchmarking, and detect emerging trends and crises.
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