Social Media Insights

Social media insights

As the number of people on social media continues to increase, more brands are using social channels to connect with and engage consumers and stay in the minds of existing customers. These same firms are also using data from social media sources to obtain social media insights—useful insights into their customers, their brand reputation, and their competitors as well as markets and up-and-coming trends.

Social media offers you immediate, real-time access to the consumer’s voice, and social media insights provide you with unexpected and actionable information that can be used to fine-tune marketing and PR strategies, inform product development, improve customer service and support, and maximize your social media and overall marketing ROI.

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Extracting social media insights from your social data

Social media data is an important source of information vital to your business. While conventional market research tools like focus groups and surveys are costly and time-consuming, accessing social media insights is simple and easy with the right tool.

You can obtain deep insights into the consumer mind and marketplace using social media analytics tools. Some of these tools are provided by social networking services. Using the analytics tools offered by Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms, you can view various metrics, such as impressions, likes, or engagement. However, you’ll have to do some work to collect and transform the many metrics available into meaningful insights and reports that can be shared with the different teams of your organization.

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How a social intelligence platform can make it easier to obtain social media insights

Robust social intelligence platforms like Synthesio bring together data from various social sources—social networks, online forums, blogs, video-sharing platforms, and more. They provide you with the tools you need to not just monitor essential social media metrics but also carry out sophisticated audience analysis and trend detection. Organizing and making sense of all the relevant mentions and unstructured conversations on social channels isn’t easy. Filtering out the noise to uncover the most relevant trends and meaningful social media insights from social data is what social media intelligence tools were designed to do.

Leveraging social media insights to stay one step ahead of the competition

With the right toolset, you can use social media data for a wide variety of use cases. Armed with fresh insights into your customers, fans, and consumers in general your teams can:

  • Accurately assess the impact of campaigns in real-time and evaluate the effectiveness of day-to-day social media efforts.
  • Obtain detailed information about the people talking about your brand—or your competitors—the content they share, and the influencers they follow.
  • Identify your most valuable market segments, potential brand ambassadors, and most influential opinion leaders in your industry.
  • Keep a close eye on consumer sentiment to proactively protect your brand reputation and mitigate potential crises.
  • Be alerted to viral threads and trending topics so that your teams can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Synthesio gives your teams accurate, actionable social media insights

Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is a powerful set of social media listening and social analytics tools that use data from across the social web to supply you with real-time social media insights at your fingertips. Featuring Natural Language Processing technology and Automated Sentiment Analysis, our platform helps you sift through the conversations and users populating social channels, providing you with the information that matters most to your business.

  • Through rich, intuitive visualizations, explore AI-surfaced findings that can be used to fuel data-driven decision-making across your organization.
  • Giving you access to the most complete collection of data on the market, Synthesio Social Listening Dashboards allow you to track conversations around the world—as they happen—and monitor your owned, paid, and earned media 24/7.
  • Leveraging billions of data points gathered from a diversity of devices and platforms, Synthesio Profiler reveals timely and accurate insights about your most important customers and target audiences.
  • Powered by state-of-the-art data science algorithms, Synthesio Signals helps you identify the most relevant trends emerging online—shifts in brand perception, the arrival of a new competitor, changes in consumer preferences, and more.
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Social Media Intelligence Guide: Strategies for 8 Different Use Cases

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How do you analyze social media?2020-02-12T13:49:09-05:00
The easiest way to analyze social media is to use a social media intelligence tool to collect a wide range of data from multiple social sources and then leverage built-in technologies like Natural Language Processing and data-science algorithms to surface the most relevant and actionable insights from the data.
What are social media impressions?2020-02-12T13:49:18-05:00
Impressions is the number of times a post or other piece of content is displayed to users of a social networking service. This is a common metric used to analyze social media data and is typically referred to alongside reach, a metric showing you the number of unique users exposed to a piece of content. Impressions and reach are metrics useful for measuring brand awareness.
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