Social Media Listening Tools

Social media listening tools

As companies continue to shift more of their ad spend to social channels, more brands are choosing to leverage social media listening tools. These solutions enable firms to measure and monitor their brand’s reputation and performance on social media. By combining social media monitoring and social media analytics in one toolset, social media listening tools help you not only gather metrics for and mentions of your brand from across a variety of social media platforms and websites but also discover actionable social media insights—fresh insights that you can use to fuel smarter branding and marketing strategies, boost brand awareness, and better engage and inspire customers.

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Launch campaigns with confidence using social media listening tools

With an effective social media listening strategy, creative teams and agencies can ensure the success of their digital and social media marketing campaigns. They can use social media listening tools to analyze target markets and past campaigns before launch and help them develop appealing messaging, visuals, and content tailored to the demographics, interests, and preferences of target audiences or relevant topics and memes currently trending on social channels. These same tools can be used to gauge the impact of ad campaigns and product launches and find suitable influencers to partner with and help organically amplify your campaign assets. Social media listening tools can help you optimize your content, targeting, and media spend and boost your marketing ROI.

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Find your target audience using social media listening tools

One of the most effective ways marketers can use social media listening tools is audience analysis. With a powerful audience insights tool, you can find out what makes a group valuable to your business truly unique. Build a detailed buyer persona based on the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics—where they live, what platforms they use, the brands they like, the sports they watch—of your existing customer base, subscribers to your mailing list, or other groups of interest to your business. This persona can then be used to segment and more effectively target audiences for social media ad campaigns, inform your media buying efforts, guide content creation, and shape your marketing strategies.

Expedite market research with social media listening tools

By providing you access to what has been called the world’s largest focus group, social media listening tools can help you find out what consumers want and need. They can be a cost-effective substitute for or supplement to traditional market research tools like surveys and interviews. By letting you monitor and analyze conversations about your brand and other relevant topics to your business over time, social listening tools can help you discover important up-and-coming trends and anticipate changing consumer values, concerns, and preferences. Social media listening tools let you take the pulse of markets and stay a step ahead of developing consumer and social trends.

Why the world’s leading brands choose Synthesio’s social media listening tools

Because more brands than ever are now investing in social media management and listening tools, there is an abundance of solutions on the market, making it difficult for companies to choose the right one for their goals. Here are three reasons you should include Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform in your social listening tools comparison:

  • Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards offer you access to the most extensive collection of social data in the industry, capturing data for query-based mentions from across social networks, national news sites, and even local publications.
  • Synthesio’s audience insights Profiler supplies you with detailed information about consumers’ digital body language, helping you uncover unexpected affinities and interests, develop content that truly resonates, and focus your ad spending on the most impactful channels.
  • Synthesio’s AI-fueled trend and insights detector Signals leverages cutting-edge data science to rapidly and accurately process billions of online conversations, cutting through the noise and surfacing the insights most relevant to your business.
Measuring Social Media Channels Activity

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What are the benefits of social listening?2020-02-12T15:16:16-05:00
It can help you increase brand awareness and user engagement on social channels, inspire new content ideas, improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing and digital campaigns, reduce ad spending, and detect and mitigate the impact of crises. By enabling you to gather real-time customer feedback, it can also help you develop better products and services and satisfy your customers.
What’s the difference between social listening and social media monitoring platforms?2020-02-12T15:24:58-05:00

Both social listening and social media monitoring platforms provide you with centralized access to key metrics for your social media accounts as well as your brand’s social mentions. Social listening platforms, however, provide you with advanced data analytics tools that can help you sift through your mentions and make sense of online conversations faster while surfacing actionable insights that you might not otherwise find.

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