Social Media Intelligence Tools

Social media intelligence tools

Combining comprehensive social listening and advanced social analytics capabilities, social media intelligence tools enable firms to take a proactive approach to social media monitoring and engagement. Bringing together quantitative and qualitative social media data analysis, social media intelligence tools help organizations not only collect and analyze the necessary metrics for social media measurement but also follow and make sense of conversations on social channels. They help you more quickly ascertain the online public’s perception of your brand, better understand consumer concerns and attitudes, and connect conversations across the social web to find key opportunities to engage.

By letting you filter out the noise and surface the insights that matter most to your business, social media intelligence tools can help you more efficiently and accurately manage your online reputation, measure campaign impact, obtain competitive intelligence, detect emerging trends, and more.

Social Media Monitoring Platform Detecting Daily Patterns

Protecting your brand reputation with social media intelligence tools

PR and communications teams can leverage social media intelligence tools equipped with sentiment analysis for brand monitoring and social media crisis management. You can measure and track fluctuations in conversation volume and sentiment around your brand—a sign of changing public perception of your company, product, or service.

You can use social media intelligence tools to detect a potential crisis brewing on social channels, letting you get ahead of the story and protect your brand’s reputation and hard-earned brand equity. By taking the pulse of consumers in real-time, you can evaluate the success of your mitigation efforts when a crisis strikes and ensure that brand health returns to normal levels once the storm recedes. If your social intelligence tool offers image recognition capabilities, you can detect inappropriate use of your brand’s logo and take proactive steps to keep your brand image safe.

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Enhancing your marketing efforts with social media intelligence tools

Marketing teams can use social media intelligence tools to demonstrate the value of specific digital campaigns as well as your everyday efforts to engage consumers on social channels by measuring social media ROI. You can monitor the volume of conversations your campaign is driving, gauge the sentiment of the discussions, and see what kind of content or messaging resonates best with your target audience by examining engagement metrics across social networks. If your social intelligence toolset includes influencer analysis and audience analysis capabilities, you can identify the best influencers to work with and uncover detailed demographic and psychographic information about your target audience—insights you can use to inform media buying and create tailored content.

Expediting market research with social media intelligence tools

Social media intelligence tools are also an excellent substitute for or supplement to conventional market research methods. Instead of depending on time-consuming focus groups or surveys, which often suffer from low participation rates, your teams can carry out fast and accurate market research by monitoring and analyzing conversations on the social web. A social media trend analysis tool lets you detect emerging trends, track changes in consumer preferences and interests, and get other valuable consumer insights by finding patterns and connections in your social media data. It can help you identify unmet needs and anticipate future demand—intelligence that you can use to grow your business and stay competitive.

Leveraging AI-powered social media intelligence tools from the industry leader

Global brands depend on Synthesio’s Social Media Intelligence Suite to help them understand the conversations and trends affecting their business. Integrating broad social listening capabilities with enterprise-scale social analytics, Synthesio helps you find the information you need among billions of online conversations. Offering you the widest selection of data sources in the industry, Synthesio makes sure you never miss a beat.

  • Synthesio’s Social Listening Dashboards provide your teams with use-case based dashboards, letting them keep an eye on the mentions and KPIs most relevant to their specific projects and objectives in real-time.
  • Synthesio’s audience analysis tool Profiler enables your marketing team to identify your target audience and then explore detailed information about their interests, hobbies, favorite brands, travel destinations, and more.
  • Synthesio’s trend detector Signals leverages cutting-edge data science algorithms to surface the social listening insights and market trends most significant to your brand—the shifts in interest, trending topics, and viral media you need to see.
Social Media Performance Display

Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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How do I track social analytics?2020-02-13T09:52:58-05:00
You can use the built-in analytics tools provided by social networking services or use a software application that lets you monitor all your accounts, collecting account-level and post-level metrics from multiple platforms, and aggregate your brand’s mentions from across the social web. Using a social listening platform, you can gather, filter, and visualize data from multiple social sources and apply a variety of analytics including sentiment analysis, audience analysis, and influencer analysis.
Are social listening tools different from Google Alerts?2020-02-13T09:53:06-05:00
Google Alerts notifies the user when new mentions of their specified terms, names, or phrases are discovered by Google’s search bots. The user selects the keywords they want to monitor, their preferred frequency of notifications, the sources they want to be covered, how many results they want to receive per the notification, and an email address, and Google will notify the user if mentions of their specified keywords are found. It does not collect mentions from social media platforms, so for users wanting to monitor social channels, social listening or social media intelligence tools are recommended.
By |2020-02-26T14:40:22-05:0020 January 2013|

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