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AI social media

Because of its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, AI is being used to help companies gain new insights fast from their many datasets. Sometimes referred to as the world’s largest focus group, social networks provide firms with a unique opportunity to gauge the public’s perception of different people and ideas, consumers’ feelings about specific brands and products, and the reaction of billions of users to news stories and events. Today firms can leverage AI for social media data analysis—fast, automated, accurate social analytics that extracts meaningful insights from all the chatter.

Using AI with social media listening tools, organizations can analyze millions of conversations and identify patterns in data gathered from social channels, using the insights obtained to inform their marketing, product development, sales, and customer service efforts.

AI Powered Trend Detection Display

Social listening AI: social media sentiment analysis

One of the ways AI is being used to analyze social data is sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis leverages computational linguistics and natural language processing to decipher and make sense of what people say on social channels in an intelligent and useful way. Already used for translation, word processing, and interactive voice response applications, natural language processing is a powerful technology now used by social listening software to read and categorize brand mentions gathered from across the social web. Assisted by sentiment analysis, social listening tools are helping firms carry out brand analytics, brand monitoring, campaign analysis, and social media crisis management more efficiently and accurately.

Social Listening Engagement Dashboard

Social listening AI: social media trend detection

Another way firms are leveraging AI for social media data analysis is trend detection. By combining AI, social media data, and data analytics, AI-powered social listening platforms can provide firms with powerful trend detection and analysis capabilities. AI makes it possible to rapidly process real-time data gathered directly from users on social channels, enabling social listening software to detect meaningful patterns in social data fast—changes in consumer perception of a brand, shifts in consumer attitudes about a product, or even a potential PR crisis. AI and social media analytics can help firms better understand and predict consumers’ needs and future purchasing behavior, uncover viral topics, and obtain other real-time social listening insights that they can use to optimize their marketing campaigns, content creation strategy, and communications efforts.

Tools using AI for social media data analysis

There is now an increasing number of tools using AI to analyze social data: consumer feedback analysis tools, consumer intelligence platforms, customer service software, and social media listening platforms. Sophisticated analytics powered by AI is what makes social listening or social media intelligence tools different from social monitoring tools. AI is used to fuel not just sentiment analysis and trend analysis, as mentioned above, but also topic clustering, image recognition, competitor analysis, and audience analysis. By using AI for social media data analysis, firms are able to learn more from and supercharge their efforts on social channels.

Synthesio’s next-generation AI engine: AI for social media insights

The Synthesio Social Listening Platform combines AI technology with Ipsos’ advanced data science and data analytics to help users get actionable insights faster from their social data. Synthesio’s AI engine analyzes billions of conversations from across the global web, letting you explore findings of your brand intelligence, your customers, and your competitors via rich visualizations and customizable dashboards. Empower your marketing, PR, sales, and customer service teams with natural language processing technology, Automated Sentiment Analysis (a proprietary Synthesio machine-learning technology) and Signals, Synthesio’s AI-powered insight and trend detector. Accelerate and improve content creation, audience segmentation and targeting, competitive analysis, online reputation management, and social customer service.

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How is AI used in social media?2020-02-04T11:20:17-05:00
It is currently used by popular social networking services to recognize faces in photos, target users with advertising, and curate feeds, or serve the most relevant content to users. It is used to analyze and extract useful insights from social media data and improve audience targeting on social channels. AI is now used for audience analysis, sentiment analysis, topic clustering, image recognition, competitor analysis, and trend analysis.
What are the examples of AI?2020-02-04T11:19:52-05:00
Some everyday examples of AI-based applications are road traffic analysis, fraud detection, facial recognition, voice-activated digital personal assistants, chatbots, music recommendations, learning thermostats, self-driving vehicles, and tools used for analyzing social media data.
What are the types of artificial intelligence?2020-02-04T11:16:40-05:00
There is artificial narrow intelligence, which refers to AI systems capable of performing a set of predefined functions or a single specific task. The second type of AI is artificial general intelligence, which refers to AI systems that will be able to carry out multiple functions and perform more complex tasks. And the third type of AI is artificial superintelligence, which is still hypothetical. It is suggested that computers will one day be able to surpass humans in many areas once this level of AI is achieved.
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