Synthesio’s Trend Detection & Insights Series, Part 1: Every day millions of people log into their social media accounts to share and connect with others, and see the latest social media trends. Although it sounds grandiose, millions is not an exaggeration. Today, there are about 2.34 billion people who have social media accounts, and that number is expected to grow to 2.95 billion in 2020. Here’s another crazy stat, every minute on Facebook alone, there are 293,000 status updates and 510,000 comments posted.

What these social media users are sharing online varies from personal information and travel plans, to recommendations on products and commercial goods. For brands interested in analyzing online social data, this means a couple of things—

The pool of social data is vast.

Dispersed within that pool are insights that are incredibly valuable for brands if discovered and acted upon. But as always, there’s a catch! Sorting through millions, or even thousands, of irrelevant mentions, interactions and impressions to get to an actionable insight or trend manually is impossible. Even if the data is well-organized in descriptive data visualizations, crucial social media trends and insights will be missed.

A turning point.

We’re at a turning point. Consumers are speaking up everywhere and faster than ever before.

It’s no longer possible for brands to keep up, and have a unified view of their consumers’ opinions.

On the other hand, having the ability to find these social media trends and conduct meaningful trend analysis can greatly boost a brand’s social media marketing and general business strategies.


Combining the speed of social intelligence with the rigor of market research.

What if your Social Listening Platform was enhanced with the data science methodologies and rigor of the market research industry all while operating at the real-time speed you’ve grown accustomed to?

What if you could have a truly unified view of your consumers and their conversations through insights based on statistically significant trends found within them?

In other words, what if your Social Media Intelligence provider could alert you about a shift in conversation pointing to an emerging competitor? Or detect keywords often mentioned alongside your products that point to a defect? What if you could log into a Social Media Intelligence platform and immediately see which weekday consumers most often engage with your content, helping you design a content calendar that has the greatest reach?

With advances in data science and artificial intelligence, all of that and more is now possible.


Social Media Intelligence providers should help brands identify statistically significant social media trends & insights that could easily be missed.

It’s clear that trend detection & automated insights are a powerful tool to add to any brand’s toolkit. That said, what are the specific insights that new technology can surface?

  1. Shifts — All of the enduring trends in conversation surrounding your brand
  2. Correlations — All of your topics with similar evolutions in volume over time
  3. Co-mentions — All of your topics that are often mentioned together
  4. Peaks — Ability to detect the maximum value of any growing trend and point to the most significant dates related to good or bad buzz
  5. Daily Patterns — Which days of the week people are most likely to mention your topics
  6. Viral Media — Ability to spot the content that is going viral by detecting statistically relevant accelerations in views, comments or likes on an image or a video

Beyond notifying you about the existence of a trend or surfacing an insight, your Social Media Intelligence provider should be able to explain why, where, and how these online events took place. Just like the detection of the social media trend itself, the generation of an in-depth report for each trend should be generated automatically. That way you can spend more time strategizing, and less time searching.

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