Our latest product releases highlight Ipsos Synthesio’s commitment to providing the most complete, accurate, and actionable view of consumers and markets. This means providing data coverage of the widest range of online and offline sources, AI-powered tools to clean and analyze data, and collaboration features to share insights with your entire organization. As a recognized Leader in Forrester’s latest AI-enabled consumer intelligence platforms Wave, we continue to prioritize shortening and simplifying the path to actionable insights, so you can focus on what’s really important.

This quarter, we have three new developments to share:

1. New Global Automated Sentiment Analysis model

Sentiment remains a “gold standard” in the world of social intelligence. As users turn to social media to share their opinions, preferences, and complaints, tracking sentiment is a critical input for companies trying to understand how audiences perceive their product, brand, and competitors. Yet given the nature of social media content, it’s notoriously tricky to get right. Over the past few months, we’ve been training our new model on comprehensive data sets that cover various industries, media types, and mention lengths to develop an industry-leading solution. The new Global Automated Sentiment Model provides even more precision than our previous model, with 23% higher detection accuracy, and is now available to all clients.

2. Enhanced TikTok data coverage and analysis

With over a billion users around the world, TikTok continues to be an important data source for brands. The video-sharing app has become a hub for creativity and user-generated content, particularly among younger demographics. In our latest release, we’ve enhanced our TikTok data coverage by providing a new sourcing interface for users to easily add relevant account URLs, simplifying the process of tracking influencers or competitors. We’ve also expanded our TikTok analytics capabilities with author information, allowing users to extract names, bios, text, and hashtags from posts. With our AI-powered language, sentiment, and emotion detection capabilities, plus semantic analysis, users can uncover meaningful insights from the text associated with TikTok content.

3. New and improved Dashboard experience

As we announced in March, Synthesio recently rebranded to Ipsos Synthesio to mark the conclusion of our merger with Ipsos. To better deliver on the promise of AI-enabled consumer intelligence, we’ve integrated our tech and consulting teams in over 15 countries. In addition to launching our new company name and logo, we’ve updated our Dashboard experience to reflect the Ipsos branding. Users still have access to their favorite features and functionality, but with a sleek new look!

To see these latest developments in action and learn more about AI-enabled consumer intelligence platforms, request a demo with our team today. Stay tuned for our next update to learn more about Ipsos Synthesio search data and enhancements to our ratings and reviews tracking. See you next time!