The Food and Beverage sector is heavily impacted by the Global Health Trend as described in the Ipsos Global Trends report for 2023.

Beverages are more than just drinks. They are part of our culture, our lifestyle, and our health. But how do we capture the opinions and preferences of people around the world? How can we discover new insights and trends in the beverage industry, and how can we use them to create better products and services?

To get a more in-depth consumer perspective on Health in relation to Beverages, Ipsos Synthesio has developed an inspiring syndicated solution based on Generative AI, that can help you answer these questions and more.

The Signals GenAI Dashboard for Healthy Beverages gathers invaluable data via ‘signals’ of real-time consumer attitudes and behavior, that will push brand realness and relevance to the next level by both reacting quickly to hot & fresh needs and identifying opportunities on the go.

No more time-consuming data crunching to valuable insights. No more rummaging around. It is instant. With one click. Its efficient and fully guided prompts focus on action vs. finding.

Insights are extracted from all these areas:

Let’s take the Juice category as an example. Here’s what Signals GenAI can bring just by clicking a button:

Starting with the Need Landscape for Juice, we explore which needs are expressed by consumers online. The following main areas of needs are identified:

A snapshot of the trends in the category we can identify via Signals GenAI are:

All the above has come to life through Ipsos Synthesio Signals GenAI, with pre-defined prompts. We bring decades of Ipsos expertise and research rigor to our clients through an exhaustive library of guided insights prompts designed and validated by & for insight professionals.

Please reach out to Lena Gilchrist or your local Synthesio contact (you can even request a demo, and we also encourage you to check out our short launch video) for more information about how you can access the Syndicated Healthy Beverages Dashboard to get insights into innovation, category, brand, trends etc., by just a few clicks!