The Social Intelligence Suite

Synthesio's Social Intelligence Platform Empowers Modern Marketers

Empowering Modern Marketers

Today’s marketing leaders own the full customer journey. This responsibility makes access to comprehensive audience data in real time a necessity. SaaS technology has empowered marketing decision makers with instant feedback on each initiative’s performance against business KPIs. Real-time customer data helps CMOs and VPs of Marketing prove value across both traditional and digital programs – social, TV, email, media buying, events, sponsorships and more. Synthesio provides the machinery to take conversations from the social web and convert them into information that can fuel smart, data-driven decision-making across the organization. Social Intelligence data has become an increasingly vital part of any savvy marketer’s arsenal – Synthesio is built to empower that marketer.

Synthesio Completes The Business Metrics Framework

Historically, performance has been measured across television, radio, web, mobile, and press with standardized media KPI frameworks. Until recently, social media performance was gauged largely by legacy vanity metrics which didn’t provide a balanced measure of both quantitative and qualitative activity across a brand’s social ecosystem. Synthesio completes the business metrics framework by providing a fully scalable, metrics-driven methodology for reliably measuring everything that your organization does on the social web. Our Social Intelligence platform delivers actionable KPIs and ROI metrics to drive smarter and faster decision-making.

Methodology Social Intelligence

The Social Intelligence Methodology

As adoption and usage of social data matures throughout your organization, the Social Intelligence of your business will follow suit. Synthesio users can focus on the people and conversations that matter – making it easier to track online reputation, measure the ROI of social activities and manage consumer relationships. We fuel the world’s leading brands and agencies with the social insights they need to nurture customers, leverage influencers, and mitigate against crisis. Our social listening methodology transforms raw consumer data into actionable, business-level intelligence.

Social Intelligence Use Cases

Solve for Every Business Problem

Every Social Listening use case presents challenges that unlock new opportunities to deepen connections with social audiences. Synthesio is built to help organizations tackle these business challenges. The simplest competitive analysis to gauge brand health and the most complex research of influencer impact are similar in that both provide business intelligence that can cause ripples across the organization. We take on the problems that enterprises commonly face in an economy driven by social chatter and online buzz. Our clients use the Synthesio platform to stay ahead of trends, measure the reach of offline events, and segment audiences using historical data at both the interaction and mention level.