Social Media Intelligence Platform

Measure Your Social Impact


Listen. Hear What Customers Are Saying.

Social Intelligence starts with listening. Listening starts with the data. Track real-time social and mainstream media conversations around the world with our easy-to-use dashboards and industry-leading data coverage.

The Best in Data Quality & Coverage

  • Coverage in 196 countries and 80 languages
  • Monitor 100,000+ websites, and counting, in real time — including Sina Weibo, VKontakte and WeChat
  • Custom sourcing and research for each project
  • Machine learning built to reproduce human behaviors
  • Automated Sentiment in 21 languages
  • Advanced automated noise removal
  • Intelligent trend spotting, filtering and alerting
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Analyze. Turn Data into Insights.

Gain actionable insights into your industry, markets and customers. Make sense of your data to drive smarter business decisions and strategy across the enterprise.

Identify the Most Valuable Content

  • Analyze global data in real time
  • Measure the success of campaigns
  • Perform SWOT and competitive analyses
  • Analyze the impact of a potential online crisis
  • Identify and target top influencers and websites
  • Understand your audience and optimize content
  • Focus on the most valuable insights tailored to your industry and markets
  • Benchmark your brand status against competitors
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Educate. Visualize Social Insights.

Visualize and share top-level social KPIs across all your teams and departments. Keep key stakeholders informed in real time of events affecting business interests.

Visualize and Distribute Insights

  • Monitor real-time data with Command Center
  • Showcase brand KPIs across the organization
  • Visualize, monitor and share data in real time
  • Educate teams and departments with social information
  • Distribute customer feedback intelligently
  • Notify key stakeholders about critical online events
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Measure ROI. Connect Social to Business Impact.

Understand which social activities are driving brand growth and which are falling short. Optimize your social budget with real-time data and identify new business opportunities.

Measure Business Impact

  • Measure the awareness, acquisition, activation and satisfaction of your online audience
  • Understand how investments in social media are driving brand growth
  • Optimize your social spend by measuring which activities are producing revenue
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Connect. Build Your Social Ecosystem.

Integrate all your social and customer-facing solutions. Build an enterprise software ecosystem, make social integral to your business strategy and scale social across your organization.

Scale Social across the Enterprise

  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with industry leaders — including Salesforce, Hootsuite and Marketo
  • Connect to your CRM, publishing, marketing and analytics solutions in real time
  • Automatically distribute social data across the enterprise
  • Integrate one-directionally or bi-directionally
  • Work with Synthesio data in your external applications
  • Align globally distributed teams by feeding them the same data
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