Using Social Analytics to Understand Consumers

Next-Level Social Analytics

Listening to what customers are saying on the internet can help you make stronger products, understand your markets better and see greater returns on investment. But it’s crucial that your Social Listening tool helps you parse what people are saying and how they feel. Take your social insights to the next level with Synthesio’s industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment and Trend Identification tools.

Social Analytics

Drag-and-Drop Insights

Gaining consumer insights is a breeze with our 30+ social analytics widgets. Measure share of voice, mention volumes, audience demographics and more simply by dragging and dropping widgets into your dashboards.

  • 30+ out-of-the-box social analytics widgets
  • Drag-and-drop ease
  • Set up each dashboard differently
  • Customize your dashboards with pre-built templates

High-Level Research

With FlashDash you can run quick, high-level queries to research brands or topics before you build a full dashboard.

  • Analyze global data in real time
  • Measure the success of campaigns
  • Perform competitive analyses
  • Analyze impact of a potential online crisis

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Social Reputation Score (SRS) calculates a 0-100 brand health score based on the share of positive and negative conversation around your brand — making it easy to benchmark against competitors.

  • 0-100 brand health scores
  • Measure any brand, product, service or topic
  • Benchmark against competitors

Identify Valuable Media

SynthesioRank is a proprietary metric that helps you identify the sites, content and social users that matter to your business. With industry-specific influence scoring on a 0-10 scale, you can rank the media that matters to your business.

  • See the influence rank of every site, mention and user on a 0-10 scale
  • Industry-specific scoring for meaningful, contextualized results
  • Focus on the sites, content and users that matter to your brand

Understand Conversation Sentiment

Understand the tone of conversations in 18 languages. We automatically analyze and assign sentiment to conversations so you can see what’s driving positivity and negativity.

  • ASA available in 21 languages
  • Automatic sentiment tagging
  • Machine learning and custom NLP algorithms
Social Analytics

Discover Trending Topics

Use social analytics to see what consumers are talking about in relation to your brand. Understand what’s driving the conversation so you can make contextualized offers to your audience.

  • Understand which topics are being talked about most
  • See correlations between keywords
  • Measure sentiment around topics and subtopics

Measure Your Brand Against Competitors

Track the share of conversation around your brand as compared to competitors. Understand what’s driving brand awareness and popularity.

Timelines available for:

  • Mention volumes
  • Topics and sub-topics
  • Media types
  • Sentiment
  • Sentiment per topic
Social Analytics

Dissect Your Audience

See how the people talking about your brand breakdown by gender, age, language, interests and more. Use these insights to develop products and services that are targeted at your audience.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Interests
Social Analytics

Find Your Brand Ambassadors

Find high-profile individuals around the web who are talking about your brand. Develop individualized outreach plans based on social data to boost organic buzz around your brand. Plus, you can sort and filter your influencers by a variety of criteria, including topic, influence, number of mentions, channel type and more.