Follow Global Conversations in Real Time with Social Media Listening

Monitor the Globe with Social Media Listening

Global Social Media Listening lets you follow consumer conversations anywhere they are happening. We track 100,000+ websites in more than 196 countries and 80 languages in real time — including local social networks in China, Russia, the Middle East and South America — so no matter where the conversation is happening, you won’t miss a thing.


Complete Data Coverage

The Synthesio Social Media Listening platform has collected more than 36 billion mentions to date, with more than 30 million new mentions added every day from 100,000 sites around the globe.

  • 36 billion mentions in our global database
  • 30 million new mentions added every day

Industry-Leading Data Quality

Noise-free data is critical. To ensure quality Social Media Listening we offer automated noise removal with the aid of human assistance, as well as spam filters and duplicate detection. What some call noise, others consider relevant; we help tailor the noise filters to your needs.

  • Automatic noise filters + human assistance
  • Spam filters
  • Duplicate detection
  • Custom noise filter adjustments

Intelligent Trend Spotting

Behaviors on the web evolve quickly. Our combination of human and automated data cleaning lets us adapt to events as they happen — so you can spot the trends that matter to your business.

  • Spot industry and product trends with Insight Tree
  • Understand which words are being mentioned together
  • Analyze common keywords across your brand and industry



Social Media Listening

Advanced Sentiment Tools

Our automatic sentiment analysis (ASA) lets you measure the tone of conversations around your brand. Available in 21 languages, ASA lets you understand what’s driving positive and negative conversation.

Social Media Listening

Know Where the Conversation Is Happening

95% of our data is country-coded so you know exactly where the conversations around your brand are happening.


Advanced Social Media Listening Made Simple

For most organizations there are hundreds of relevant mentions every day, but they are hidden among thousands of irrelevant conversations. With our Visual Query Builder, it’s easy to find and follow the right conversations without having to write complex Boolean queries.

  • Toggle between Visual Query Builder and Advanced (Boolean) Mode
  • Write your own queries or get help from us
social media listening

Effortless Filtering For Quality Social Media Listening Data

Our in-depth filters let you drill into conversations to find valuable insights. Sort and filter by topic, website type, country, language and more.

Filter by:

  • Topic
  • Media type
  • Influence score (SynthesioRank)
  • Country
  • Language
  • Review status

Favorite Filters

Customize and save filters for specific tasks, team functions or use cases to make it easy to return to specific subsets of your Social Media Listening data.

  • Save filters for later use
  • Customize filter names
  • Share filters with other team members
  • Quickly access different slices of data
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Powerful Alerting

Automatic Social Media Listening alerts keep your teams ahead of key events affecting business interests. Set up alerts on a per-dashboard basis to control which events trigger notifications to your teams.

Alerts Settings:

  • Real-time, scheduled or event-based
  • Topic and sentiment settings
  • Specify recipients
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Custom Research & Setup

We provide custom sourcing and research to ensure we include the most relevant websites for your brand in each target country and language – and remove those that are irrelevant.

  • Custom sourcing for each project
  • Research to find the most relevant websites and sources
  • Manual noise removal and filter tuning
Social Media Listening

Your Workspace

Use our out-of-the-box Social Media Listening dashboard templates — or build your own from scratch — to set up workspaces that serve specific project needs.

Out-of-the-Box Templates:

  • Campaign Management
  • Insights
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Influencers Tracking
  • Community Management
  • and more…