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Synthesio helps organizations cut through social noise, focus on the conversations that matter, track and measure online reputation, collaborate in real time and manage consumer relationships. What are your social intelligence needs?

Market Research

Brand Management


Budget Optimization

Market Research & Insights

  • Get complete coverage of both social and mainstream media worldwide, in 50+ languages and 220+ countries.
  • Target your research geographically with precise geolocation by country and city to zone in on the locations that matter most to your business.
  • Focus on the most relevant websites and sources, and listen to local social networks around the world such as Sina Weibo, VKontakte and Tianya.
  • Conduct quick searches using FlashDash to reveal high-level insights in minutes, or drill down deeper with a custom dashboard built for your needs.
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Social Analytics

Brand Management

  • Expand your social reach and build connections with the right people and companies for your brand advocacy programs. With SynthesioRank you can identify top influencers and generate targeted awareness around your brand.
  • Get involved in community conversations, connect with your employees and your customers, and build a platform to share thought leadership.
  • Foster collaboration between your teams and get the right information to the right people at the right time with workflow and automation.
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Audience Segmentation

  • Analyze your audience by filtering for age, gender, country, city, language, interests, influence, conversation topic and more.
  • Group your audience by channel type, e.g. mainstream vs. social media. Understand how your follower base breaks down across social networks.
  • Measure the share of your audience discussing various topics, products and services related to your brand — and the sentiment of each conversation.
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Product & Campaign Launch

  • Monitor total conversation volume and share of voice around specific products in real time.
  • Track the distribution in conversation between social and mainstream sites.
  • Measure conversation sentiment at the brand or product level.
  • Filter your metrics by time period to zero in on your audience’s reaction to a specific campaign, product launch or brand announcement.
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Customer Management

  • Drive revenue by seeking out new prospects for lead generation through social channels.
  • Use social intelligence to understand consumers’ wants and needs to drive content, nurture leads and close sales.
  • Listen at the point of need, and follow and intercept competitor conversations.
  • Find potential candidates and optimize your social recruitment campaigns.
  • Geotarget relevant hashtags and keywords around your industry and markets to find qualified talent in specific locations.
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Crisis Management

  • Track and analyze all conversations and sentiment around your company and industry across social media channels, and deal with crises in real time.
  • Focus on the conversations that matter most to your business, get ahead of the game, and react in real time.
  • Quickly snapshot public sentiment around your brand in any language and catch potentially negative situations before they escalate.
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Team Collaboration

  • Enable distributed teams, offices, departments and regions to collaborate seamlessly with shared workspaces and dashboards.
  • Manage social accounts and permissions settings for each workspace to maintain tight control over team and user access levels.
  • Route data and action items to the right people at the right team with workflow automation and rule-based alerting.
  • Use public dashboards to share data and insights with anyone in the organization.
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NEW: Social Budget Optimization

  • Understand how new users are discovering your brand and products to generate more targeted campaigns with lower attached costs.
  • Track which investments in social media are driving brand growth.
  • See which users are converting into engaged followers, fans and brand ambassadors to identify new sales opportunities.
  • Optimize your social budget by measuring which activities are producing revenue and which are falling short.
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