New York, June 2nd

As more insights and marketing teams are looking to AI for new ways to find consumer insights, Synthesio is excited to announce its participation in The Social Intelligence Lab’s Tech Demo Day, IIEX Europe in Amsterdam, and a special webinar featuring Forrester VP, Principal Analyst and artificial intelligence expert Brandon Purcell.

These events complement Synthesio’s participation in IIEX North America, where the team showcased how AI-enabled consumer intelligence (AICI) lets brands explore the consumer motivations, attitudes, and needs that drive buying decisions, and release of the firm’s new Ipsos Views report on “AI Meets Consumer Insights” – a hands-on guide that is now available for download.

“There’s a growing set of use cases for AI in the research field. There’s a particular demand for using AI for multi-source data fusion, not only enabling innovation like spotting trends and emerging consumer needs but also for automation – streamlining existing research tasks and shortening time to insights. This is why we are particularly excited to meet insight pros and social intelligence practitioners – and show them how Synthesio’s AI-enabled consumer intelligence can be a game-changer by helping them see what they are missing,” said Allen Bonde, Synthesio CMO.

Synthesio continues to help brands get the most complete, accurate, and predictive picture of consumers and markets with new features and capabilities; like the release of Topic Modeling, a machine learning-powered trend detection module that automatically scans and visualizes millions of conversations. Along with other new analytics, data sources, and services add-ons now available for clients to use with our platform, Synthesio will showcase how it’s bringing AI-powered insights to the enterprise. To hear more about these recent innovations, you can register for Tech Demo Day on June 8th-9th, IIEX Europe on June 21st-22nd, or attend our upcoming feature webinar on June 14th.

“When AI meets consumer insights, it unlocks tremendous value for research teams, marketers, and their business partners. We are excited to share what we have been building with global brands and to hear their perspectives. Having events that bring the marketing and research communities together and spark new connections is why live conferences are so missed and will never go away. We’re very excited to do our own meetups and events in the second half of 2022 as well,” added Heath Podvesker, Synthesio CEO.

About Synthesio

Synthesio, an Ipsos company, is a global leader in AI-enabled consumer intelligence. Our hybrid offering provides companies, brands, and agencies with the most complete, accurate, and predictive picture of their markets and buyers. Our AICI platform, powered by the most advanced natural language understanding and AI algorithms, supports the broadest set of online and offline data sources and fully leverages Ipsos’ award-winning analytical frameworks. Synthesio was founded in 2006 and has offices in New York, Paris, London, Singapore, and Brussels

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